Avira Phantom VPN for Mac

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Avira Phantom VPN for Mac

Avira Phantom VPN for Mac

Avira Phantom VPN for Mac Features:

Product features:

Avira Phantom VPN for Mac
VPN as it should be: Fast, private, and secure
Be unhackable: Safely connect to Wi-Fi
Be untraceable: Mask your location 
Be uncensored: Access your favorite content wherever you are

Freely access your favorite content
Messages like “This site is blocked” don’t apply to you. Our VPN helps you maintain access to your favorite streaming services, social networks, and apps at all times.

Securely connect to public Wi-Fi
Do you use public Wi-Fi at hotels, airports, or cafes? Many advise against it. We don’t—we ensure your web traffic is automatically encrypted as soon as you connect to an unsecure network. Live your life. We’ve got you covered.

Surf the web anonymously
What you do online is no one’s business—including your Internet Service Provider (ISP). So, our VPN masks your IP address, making all your activities invisible to anyone who would track you online.

Privacy made in Germany
You have a right to your privacy—including from us. So, we don’t keep logs of what you do with our VPN, or the websites you access. And we never will.

For free! 500 mb data volume
Encrypt your data protects your private communications
Unlimited number of devices runs simultaneously on all of your devices
Unblock websites watch your favorite series anywhere
P2p file sharing phantom vpn allows the use of torrents
No logs even avira doesn't know which websites you are visiting
Easy to use at. The end. At. The end. It couldn't be easier
Prevent dns leaks supports the ipv4 and ipv6 protocol
Surf anonymously, changes your ip address
Surf at high speed, runs inconspicuously in the background

Get free access to your favorite content
You no longer have to worry about messages like "This page is blocked". Our VPN helps you to get access to your favorite streaming services, social networks and apps at all times.

Connect securely to public WiFi
Do you use public WLANs in hotels, cafés or at airports? Many advise against it. We don't - we make sure that your traffic is automatically encrypted as soon as you connect to an insecure network. Just live your life - we'll have your back.

Browse the web anonymously
What you do online is nobody's business - including your internet service provider. Therefore, our VPN disguises your IP address and makes all your activities invisible to anyone who wants to track you online.

Privacy made in Germany
You have a right to your privacy - which we take very seriously. We do not log what you do through our VPN or which websites you visit. And never will.

Avira Phantom VPN for Mac Download

Avira Phantom VPN for Mac

Avira Phantom VPN for Mac Info:

Whether you go online at home at the weekend and check your account balance with your iMac, select the vacation photos on your MacBook at the airport or briefly edit the customer presentation - the danger of an attack from the Internet is unfortunately omnipresent and the protection of your data is particularly important. Avira Phantom VPN for Mac deletes your traces in the network and encrypts the data transfer of your macOS device. This reliably protects you from attacks and manipulation by hackers while you are on the Internet with your Apple.

How does a VPN client for Mac work?
A "Virtual Private Network", or VPN for short, creates a secure connection between your MacBook or iMac and an Internet server. This is done with the help of an encrypted tunnel that the free VPN client for Mac establishes to one of our 36 VPN servers worldwide. At the same time, the software replaces the address of your terminal device with an address from the server pool. This protects your identity and unauthorized persons have no access to your private data.

What are the advantages of the free VPN for Mac?
If you connect to an open WiFi in a café or hotel, you obviously don't want unauthorized third parties to monitor your activities. With Avira Phantom VPN, you can disguise your IP address with just one click and surf the net completely undetected from that moment on.

Protection against attacks from the Internet : Internet users only rarely hear about hacker attacks. The encrypted VPN tunnel protects you from hacker attacks from the World Wide Web at public hotspots around the world.
Access to blocked content : Streaming content or pages with special security standards, such as online banking, are often restricted to certain countries. By connecting to a VPN server abroad, you can also access content that is blocked in your country and make online transfers even when you are on vacation.
Anonymization of your internet activities : The VPN connection exchanges the IP address of your Mac with an address of the VPN server. This allows you to visit websites or use services on the Internet without it being possible to draw any conclusions about your identity.

Avira Phantom VPN for Mac Download

Avira Phantom VPN for Mac Information:
Which versions of macOS X is Avira Phantom VPN compatible with?
When downloading the Avira Phantom Mac VPN Client free of charge, you have the choice between a single installation or a combination of other products with one of our Avira bundles. You need the following system requirements for the installation:

The basic installation package (single installation) contains the Avira Connect Installer for Mac and the VPN software. Operation is possible on all Apple devices on which at least one of the named operating system versions or higher is installed.

How do I use the Avira Phantom VPN software for Mac?
Simply download Avira Phantom VPN for Mac from our website or from the MacStore. After you've downloaded our VPN client for Mac, just follow the on-screen instructions. Once successfully installed, start the application and click on "Secure my connection" to hide your IP address and from then on you can browse the Internet incognito. You can use the "Settings" tab to determine the location of the VPN server for your connection.

As an unregistered user, the VPN for Mac provides you with 500 MB traffic volume. When these are used up, simply register for free and you will receive an additional 500 MB - completely free of charge, of course. Still not enough? In the Pro version you have an unlimited amount of data. Get the free download of Avira Phantom VPN for Mac now and protect your data, documents and pictures from hackers!

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