EDraw Max for Mac Download

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EDraw Max for Mac Download

EDraw Max for Mac Download

EDraw Max for Mac Features:

Edraw Max for Mac is an all-in-one diagram software for macOS that makes it simple to create professional-looking flowcharts, organizational charts, network diagrams, business presentations, building plans, mind maps, science illustration, fashion designs, UML diagrams, workflows, program structures, web design diagrams, electrical engineering diagrams, directional maps, database diagrams and more. With large pre-drawn libraries and more than 6000 vector symbols, drawing couldn't be easier! Edraw Max for macOS enables you to create a wide range of diagrams using templates, shapes, and drawing tools while working in an intuitive and familiar Office-style environment.

Edraw Max for Mac is definitely the easiest and fastest visualization software to create diagrams of any kind for any user, whatever his role is. Unlock your creativity with this easy-to-use intelligent software. Imagine with free templates. Design easily. And create amazingly. Fully compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Features and Highlights

More Than 260 Diagram Types
200 Diagram TypesEdraw Max can simplify the creation of over 260 types of diagrams, empowering even novice users to build professional-looking and presentation-quality graphics. It helps to visualize information, enhance understanding and promote communication for better decision making.

Start from Examples and Templates
With diversified libraries and over 12000 vector symbols, drawing is easier than ever! Get started quickly with the extensive templates and examples, new and updated shapes, and out-of-the-box drawing tools.

Get a Professional-looking Diagram in Minutes
It is as easy to use as a word processor. Users work in an intuitive interface, with no prior experience required and without learning curve. Thus, the software enables you to build better diagrams in only a few minutes.

Create Interactive Infographics Quickly
You can rapidly turn any diagram into a gateway of information by linking it to websites, attaching documents, adding annotations, or even linking it to other Edraw visuals. They are smart infographics that anyone can create.

No Drawing Skill Required
There are dynamic user guides within the software showing automatically. Together with the easy-to-use interface and in-built templates, even novice users can create professional and great-looking diagrams instantly. Therefore, Edraw has become one of the most popular diagramming solutions, gaining over 9 million downloads.

Why Choose EdrawMax:
Uses the diagramming software that best maps to what you know and where you're heading.
Fully vector-based graphic software, which facilitates the rapid creation of flowcharts, organizational charts, network diagrams and more.
Supports to import the existing Visio XML file perfectly.
Just drag the built-in shapes from the library pane and drop them on your page. Drawing couldn't be easier!
Creates professional-looking diagrams quickly with themes, effects and quick styles.
Gains greater productivity in diagramming with features like automatically alignment and arrangement of all shapes.
Includes lots of high-quality shapes, examples and templates.
Distinct colors, fonts, shapes, styles, pictures, text, and symbols are available for each diagram object.
Easily visualize complex information with a wide range of diagrams. Make those diagrams even smarter and more useful by linking them to underlying data, which provides a more complete picture of the system or process.
Works with MS Office well. It can be integrated with Microsoft Office application easily. The UI is MS Office-style like so it's easy to learn and use. If you are familiar with MS Office, you will become familiar with Edraw soon.
Generics graphic formats support and WYSIWYG printing.

EDraw Max for Mac Info:

Edraw Max for Mac
Diagramming and Data Visualization
Create interactive diagrams and charts quickly and easily with rich gallery of examples and templates. Work on both Windows and Mac.

Over 9 Million Downloads
Edraw is the trusted service provider of graphic diagramming software for some of the world's most recognizable brands.

Present Data Nicely in Diagrams
More than 260 kinds of diagrams help you analyze data easily and present information nicely. Make complex statistics understandable at a glance. Turn tedious report into attractive infographics. By linking shapes to data, inserting hyperlinks and attachments, this Mac diagram software will boost communication greatly.

Work with Other Programs with One Click
Export your diagrams into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, SVG and transparent PNG Format with just 1 single click. Import Visio XML files to enhance them. The seamless integration help you: Do less; get more. Share more; collaborate better.

Thousands of Examples and Templates
With 12,000+ built-in vector symbols, drawing has never been so easy! Along with thousands of free ready-made examples, you can get started instantly to create various business charts, presentations, six sigma charts, AWS diagrams, and technical diagrams Etc.

Mac Diagram Software

Draw flowchart, workflow, BPMN, IDEF diagram and data flow diagram.

Mind Map
Support for project management, brainstorming, note-taking and knowledge

Organizational Chart
Create org charts for showing organization hierarchies and conducting human resources management.

Project Chart
Schedule projects and manage their scope with Gantt chart, PERT chart, Calendar, Timeline,

Network Diagram
Draw network topology, AWS, cisco network and rack diagram with extensive network symbols.

Floor Plan
Create house plan, office layout, seating plan, landscape design, emergency plan, wiring plan, etc.

Provide both visual and plain symbols for drawing P&IDs and PFDs.

Present data in an attractive and enjoyable way using charts, images, shapes and maps.

EDraw Max for Mac Download

EDraw Max for Mac Download

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An all-inclusive diagramming software for OS X that is capable for 260+ drawing types including flowcharts, mind maps, org charts, infographics, floor plans, AWS network diagrams, Gantt charts, electrical schematics... and that is just the beginning!

EDraw Max for Mac Information:
System Requirements
To use Edraw Max, you would better have:
Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/2008/Vista/7/8/10 (32bit/64 bit), Mac OS X 10.11 or above, and Linux
Minimum 2 GB RAM and 4 GB disk space (not include the project space)
High monitor resolution
Mouse and keyboard

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