AdsPower for Mac Download

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AdsPower for Mac Download

AdsPower for Mac Download

AdsPower for Mac Download

AdsPower for Mac Features:

Account bans bring business to a stop.
More accounts mean more possibilities, while restrictions and suspensions flash them away. Maximize your success with anti-fingerprinting expert AdsPower. You can get all the powerful features you need to grow — all in one place.

Affiliate marketing
Run unlimited ad accounts for unbeatable reach

Securely manage accounts for multiple clients

Break free of the restrictions of physical infrastructure

Turbo-charge your sales across multiple channels

Top stealth browsers
AdsPower offers a choice of Chromium- and Firefox-based browsers for greater undetectability.

Sun Browser
Sun Browser is based on Chromium engine with added browser fingerprint management capabilities. Unlike Chrome, Sun Browser doesn't send user information to Google, making it a perfect browser for running Google accounts without exposing your real parameters.

Flower Browser
Flower Browser is based on the Firefox engine. Like Firefox itself, Flower Browser is dedicated to online privacy but does a better job with added browser fingerprint management capabilities.

Spoof real browser fingerprints: Create virtual browser profiles that each appears to be a genuine and seperate device with unique fingerprints.
Automate routine tasks: Any repetitive task can be automated in AdsPower through a selection of Local API and RPA robot.
Work as a team: Streamline business workflows to work quickly and efficiently with your team. Reduce inefficiencies and improves productivity.
Secure data: Not only the data itself is encrypted, but also its transmission and the servers. No one can read your data except for yourself.

AdsPower for Mac Info:

AdsPower is a Macintosh application that permits organizations to exploit program fingerprinting to set up a mind blowing assortment of undertakings for helping the viability of their everyday tasks. AdsPower can be sent in a mind blowing assortment of purpose case situations that reach from program mechanization, viable collaboration, programmed IP coordinating, expansion testing, and considerably more.

Because of its emphasis on information the executives, activity following, program fingerprinting, and speeding up worldwide arrangements, this application is the most appropriate for old pros and developing organizations who endeavor to extend their scope by improving each benefit they can find.

Program fingerprinting is a cutting edge strategy that sites use to recognize clients by gathering a wide exhibit of accessible data from them. This incorporates data about program rendition, working framework information, time region, language, textual styles, show type and size, and a wide cluster of settings and information associated with the hidden frameworks utilized for web general perusing (Streak, Treats, Client Specialist, Material, WebGL, and that's only the tip of the iceberg).

AdsPower for macOS can be utilized for robotization and testing of a wide cluster of tasks in fields, for example, Self-testing, Online business, Brand Security, Retail Value Examination, Web Scratching, Subsidiary, and Virtual entertainment Promoting, Publicizing Examination, and the sky is the limit from there. To make AdsPower ready on any cutting edge Macintosh, clients are expected to download and introduce the application, register another record, design their profile, and send off AdsPower and its capacity to visit profile-visit sites in a different climate.

Product Main Function:

Profies Management
It can manage profiles in batches, including importing profiles in batches, exporting profiles, creating tasks, etc.

Profile Fingerprint
AdsPower’s multiple profiles have set independent fingerprints, including time zone, default language, User Agent, font, resolution, etc. You can try the fingerprint information provided by the system or customize the fingerprint information.

Open Profile
It can open multiple profiles. These profiles are independent of each other.

Automated Operation
It provides automatic operation, which can liberate manpower and improve your work efficiency. In addition, it provides customized automation operations, please contact us if necessary.

Team Collaboration Function
It offers a team collaboration feature. You can manage the profiles in the system to authorise different groups to different members; you can also manage the permissions in the system to give different functional permissions to different groups of members

Mainstream Agent Support
The app integrates mainstream proxies on the market, even support for IPv6. The main integrated proxy types are luminati, http, and socks5. Among them, luminati, Oxylabs, IPHTML dynamic residential proxies can automatically match the latest proxies.

While AdsPower supports a FREE tier of use for new users who are interested to check out the basic capabilities of this advanced research service. Premium usage tiers (Base, Pro, and Custom) available through monthly or annual subscription payments unlock an advanced set of additional tools and services. Some of such services include Facebook automation, Remote Training, app center dashboard, ability to use extensions, unlocking of API support, batch import/export/update tool, and much more.

AdsPower for Mac Download

AdsPower for Mac Information:

What is AdsPower?
Online marketing and reputation management strategies often require multiple profiles or accounts on the same platform. Each account can affect the SEO (search engine optimization) benefits for a website and impact the strength of a business's online presence. However, if third parties like social media platforms or search engines trace multiple accounts back to a single user, it can negatively impact or cause users to lose SEO benefits.

AdsPower ensures parties cannot trace accounts back to a user, IP address, company, or location. As a result, businesses can set up teams to handle several online accounts without concerns about third parties monitoring or linking multi-account users. The browser management software utilizes an isolated anti-detection browser to hide or remove online fingerprints with various tools like SSL, VPNs, and ""Do Not Track"" requests. It supports IPv6 network layer protocol and integrates with most proxies like HTTPS and SOCKS.
AdsPower for Mac Download

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