FreeFileSync for Mac

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FreeFileSync for Mac

FreeFileSync 11.23 Latest Version

FreeFileSync for Mac Features:

FreeFileSync for Mac is a free Open Source software that helps you synchronize files and synchronize folders for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is designed to save your time setting up and running backup jobs while having nice visual feedback along the way.

FreeFileSync for macOS imposes no artificial limitations on how many files you can sync. Practically speaking, the only limiting factor for extremely large sync jobs is the amount of free memory available: For each 1 GB of RAM, FreeFileSync can synchronize roughly 1.7 million file pairs at a time.

FreeFileSync is a powerful and user-friendly cross-platform file synchronization tool for Mac OS. It can be used to synchronize files and folders between Macs and PCs, and even to mirror files and folders on different devices. FreeFileSync is available in a free and paid version. The free version is fully functional, but limited in features. The paid version offers more features and is ad-supported.

One of the main advantages of FreeFileSync is its user-friendly interface. It is easy to use and requires no special technical knowledge. reeFileSync can be used to synchronize files and folders between Macs and PCs.

FreeFileSync for MacOS X 10.8 or later

FreeFileSync is a powerful and versatile file synchronization tool. It can help you to synchronize files and folders between computers. It is fast and easy to use. You can also use it to compare files and folders to see if they have changed. FreeFileSync is free and open source software.

Latest changes:
  • Format local file times with no limits on time span
  • Deferred child item failure when traversing MTP folder
  • Fixed occasional wrong thumbnail orientation for MTP
  • Support additional image formats for MTP preview (e.g. CR2)
  • Fixed folder pair window being squashed after text size increase
  • Fixed wrong folder pair order when loading config (Linux)
  • Fixed some images being stretched on high-DPI monitors
  • Fixed config panel tab text being mirrored in RTL layout
  • Fixed parsing file times one second before Unix epoch (Gdrive, FTP)
FreeFileSync for Mac Info:

With FreeFileSync version 10.20 donors to the project can now get their synchronization logs sent to them as a nicely-formatted email .
This is implemented by integrating professional transactional email services (Mailgun, Amazon) which means that no complicated configuration is needed, e.g. for an SMTP server login. Just enter your email address in the synchronization settings and be done.

FreeFileSync version 10.8 adds support for Google Drive as a new option to synchronize cloud storage besides SFTP and FTP.

FreeFileSync directly accesses the files online, without the need to install additional synchronization software such as Google Backup & Sync.
This saves the hard drive space that is usually needed for a full local copy of all Google Drive files, and enables further performance improvements with FreeFileSync's ability to copy multiple files in parallel.

The result of directory listings is buffered by FreeFileSync, which allows for future accesses to complete instantaneously. Changes that happen outside of FreeFileSync are synchronized automatically by only transferring the small delta of differences.

Google generously has granted high quotas for FreeFileSync's users, so even the most-demanding sync scenarios are covered.

FreeFileSync for Mac

FreeFileSync for Mac Information:
FreeFileSync version 10 has added support for copying multiple files in parallel. It is now possible to specify the number of parallel file operations for each device inside the settings. During synchronization FreeFileSync will then spawn several tasks accordingly instead of processing only one file after another.

This new design offers huge performance improvements for all scenarios that are dominated by latency, like synchronization against network shares or cloud devices including SFTP and FTP(S). The idle time after issuing each file I/O request while waiting for the network response is not the limiting factor anymore: The number of parallel operations can be set as high as needed until the bandwidth is saturated and the network card is operating at full speed.

The new parallel file operations architecture is not limited to the synchronization step, but used throughout the application. Folder comparison will issue multiple requests at a time even when traversing only a single base folder, by dynamically managing the workload while recursively reading the folder tree. Binary-comparison also processes all files in parallel.

The FreeFileSync installer is now ad-free! Before version 10, FreeFileSync had shown a single advertisement during installation to help fund the project. Beginning with version 10, the project is fully relying on donations from users to finance its ongoing expenses in software development and support. A huge thanks to everyone who is contributing to make this possible!

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