ApowerMirror for Mac Download

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ApowerMirror for Mac Download

ApowerMirror for Mac Download

ApowerMirror for Mac Features:

ApowerMirror for Mac is a screen mirroring application for both iOS and Android devices, with full compatibility for Windows and Mac. With mobile phones and tablets running Android 5.0 or higher that support Chromecast, users can install this program for screen share with Mac. Any iOS device with AirPlay capability can also display cell phone screen on the computer using this tool.

It supports streaming video, photos and other media files from mobile to a computer monitor or projector wirelessly. Display options include Full-Screen mode or Landscape mode, providing you with different viewing options on a more convenient, bigger screen that everyone can see together.

ApowerMirror for macOS enables you to control your Android from a Mac seamlessly. Easily manipulate a phone's screen with your mouse and keyboard, including WhatsApp messages and SMS text messages. Game lovers can play Android-based games on their computers without an emulator and without rooting the device.

ApowerMirror for Mac Download

ApowerMirror for Mac comes with additional features of recording phone screens and taking screenshots. Unlike other similar apps, it offers a great user experience, concerning its simple operation and the convenience to record all the activities on a mobile screen from Mac.

ApowerMirror for Mac Info:

Mirror iOS & Control Android from PC, Stream Gameplay and Media Files in Real Time

High Quality & Real-Time Screen Mirroring with Audio
ApowerMirror is a screen mirroring app for both iOS and Android devices. It allows screen mirroring with audio and offers an ultimate mirroring experience as it applies the mainstream mirroring technology. With ApowerMirror, users can screen mirror iPhone/iPad and Android devices to PC via USB or WiFi and cast phone to TV without lag.

Mirror Multiple Devices Simultaneously & Control Android from PC
ApowerMirror allows users to mirror 4 devices to PC at the same time. Users can connect their iPhone/Android to PC with or without cable, and control their Android phone from PC by using a mouse and typing with a keyboard. This screen mirroring app also allows users to play mobile games on PC without emulators. With its pre-set virtual keys, users can show their godlike skills and performance effortlessly.

Practical Functions

Full screen display
Enjoy videos and gameplay on a bigger screen

Take screenshots
Take a screenshot on Android / iPhone like a breeze

Record screen
Record iPhone / Android screen from PC in one click

Cast PC screen to phone
Display and control PC from phone

Screen Mirroring between devices
Mirror phone to tablet and stream tablet to phone

Draw and take notes during presentation

Cross-platform screen mirroring contributes to intelligent life.
ApowerMirror allows Android users to control Android from PC in no hassle, and enables iOS users to mirror iPhone / iPad to PC or TV straightforwardly. (Some models may not be controlled via WiFi due to system problem, you can try to control via USB). It is also perfectly compatible with Android TV and smart TV boxes. Besides, users are able to use this app on other intelligent devices like VR and AR devices, which will help them gain a better visual experience.

ApowerMirror for Mac Download

ApowerMirror for Mac Information:
Full Specifications
Adds AirPlay decoding mode, fixing the black-screen and lag issue when streaming iPhone games and in full-screen mode.
Fixes the problem that some phones cannot be controlled.
Adds the function to receive Android microphone audio and requires using the latest version on Android phone.
April 17, 2020
Date Added
April 17, 2020
Operating Systems
Mac OS X 10.11, Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS X 10.10, Macintosh, macOSX (deprecated)
Additional Requirements

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