Screencastify for MacOS

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Screencastify for MacOS

Screencastify for MacOS

Screencastify for MacOS

Screencastify for MacOS Features:

video for everyone, made easy for anyone
The simplest video platform for creating visual communication.

cast ...
in any role
Educator, student, marketer, engineer, gamer. Whatever part you play, you’ll have simple, yet powerful screen recording and editing tools.

a wider net
Collect video assignments to ensure any team or student is heard. Track viewing activity and add interactive questions and more to ensure your message is understood.

ambiguity aside
Collect video assignments to ensure any team or student is heard. Track viewing activity and add interactive questions and more to ensure your message is understood.

create simple screen recording videos with ease
Meet Screencastify Record: The world’s leading tool for recording video straight from your computer screen.
powerfully simple online screen recording
Whether you're a brand new or a seasoned video creator, you'll find that Screencastify can do it all. With just a click, you’ll be on your way to creating professional looking screen recordings to improve the way you communicate. Start creating: 
Record your entire screen, webcam or both
Start creating videos of any length in just seconds
Build your personal video library

capture (and hold) every viewer’s attention
Record has the tools to help your videos stand out for every viewer. Take advantage of our easy-to-use annotation tools to keep your audience focused on what's important. Enhance your video: 
Use real-time tools like the pen tool to engage viewers
Add video to email to catch the viewer’s eye
Save videos for future use and gain an even larger audience

share your video recordings in a flash
Record and share your video creation in seconds with the Screencastify Watch Page, track everyone who has viewed every video, and add checks for understanding. See who’s watching: 
Track those who have watched your video
See who watched more than once to measure effectiveness
Ensure your message is received with Interactive Questions

make online video editing easy
Edit nearly any video right from your browser.

your videos, created your way
Quickly import videos from Screencastify Record or virtually any other video directly from your computer or Google Drive. Edit nearly any video. 
Begin editing videos in seconds 
Fine-tune your Screencastify screen recordings
Import and edit videos created on other platforms

drive engagement in a snap
Merge, rearrange, and zoom in on clips to create the perfect video with our groundbreaking browser-based editor. Edit online in seconds.
Combine videos from different sources
Increase engagement with zoom and other great tools
Do everything directly from your web browser

reach each and every viewer
Present your ideas in multiple modalities with audio and our easy-to-use text and blur tools. Perfect your videos.
Create title cards or on-screen text for clarity
Easily blur unwanted or sensitive material on your screen
Adjust the audio levels in your videos

easy as pie
Even if you've never edited a video before, you'll get comfortable in no time. Screencastify Edit was built for creators of any age and skill level.

no limits
Create as many online video editing projects as you'd like without worrying about size or bandwidth limits.

built into Drive
Import any video saved in your Google Drive directly to the Editor. When you're done, save the final version directly back to your Drive.

edit anywhere
Our editor is 100% browser-based, so it's available on any desktop computer or Chromebook, even without our Chrome extension.

Screencastify for MacOS Info:

make video assignments easy
Submit is a fast, easy, and secure way for teachers to empower students to record and submit videos.

save time on assessment with video
Collect videos from students to better understand their grasp of concepts or proficiency levels — without using class time. Leverage video for efficient assessment:
Request video submissions from students no matter where they are
Personalize instruction and share more feedback when you can regularly assess each student asynchronously
Students can record and submit music playing tests, oral language assignments, presentations, and more

easy workflows for teachers, students
Create assignment links that students use to record their screen and/or webcam with just a few clicks. Assign with ease:
Create assignments in seconds and choose what kind of recording you want students to make
Students can record with just a click — there’s nothing to install or download
Videos are automatically added to Google Drive for easy access

prioritize student privacy
Submit was built from the ground up to be the safest, most secure video tool. Worry-free video:
Keep video assignments as a private interaction between teacher and student
Control whether or not students can see each other’s assignments
Students can re-record as many times as needed with teachers seeing only the finished product

keep students connected
Collect quick check-in videos to stay in touch with students and gauge their well-being.

probe student reflection
Encourage students to pause and reflect on the learning process through video.

capture student learning
Have students make quick videos walking through their response to a question or prompt.

enable peer learning
Facilitate students providing one another with video feedback and comments.

Screencastify for MacOS

Screencastify for MacOS Information:

engage and assess students with Interactive Questions
Create more compelling content and gain insight into their understanding of the content by easily adding multiple choice and short answer questions to videos.

turn any video into an assignment
Easily add custom multiple choice and short answer questions to any timestamp in your video. Test student understanding:
Weight questions (assign different point values to each question, including 0)
Set due dates for questions
Remove responses so you can reuse the assignment or allow students a second try

measure student understanding
Analytics of questions and answers make it easy to see how well students understand video content. Become data-driven:
Instantly get analytics on student comprehension
View answers and scores individually or across the class
Adjust your lessons based on what every learner needs

use questions for formative assessment
Add questions to videos to check for understanding, encourage student reflections, and more. Check in with students:
Add short answer questions worth zero points
Empower students to reflect and explain concepts in their own words
More easily personalize learning

easy grading workflows
Highlight past due responses, sort responses by grading status to see what's left to grade, and export grades.

promote student comprehension
Add Interactive Questions anywhere in the video so you can be sure students are understanding important points.

personalize your teaching
Fully customize your questions and answers and fully understand how each student is doing.

security made simple
Rest assured that only you will see how students perform on each video you share.
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