Nuke for MacOS

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Nuke for MacOS

Nuke for MacOS

Nuke for MacOS

Nuke for MacOS Features:

Nuke - Compositing, Editorial and Review
Your post-production powerhouse
Nuke is the powerful node-based compositing tool at the heart of the Nuke family. Whether your focus is on blockbusters, animation or binge-worthy episodic content, Nuke’s flexible and robust toolset empowers teams to create pixel-perfect content every time.

Post-production powerhouse
With over 200 nodes and a scalable node graph and image processing engine, Nuke provides the ultimate compositing toolset and gives artists everything they need to tackle diverse digital post-production challenges at any scale and resolution.

Advanced compositing tools
Nuke’s Deep compositing tools reduce the need to re-render CG elements when content changes. It allows artists to work with images that contain multiple opacity, color and camera-relative depth samples per pixel.

Work with future-facing technology
Nuke offers support for the leading industry standards including OpenEXR and rising technologies including Hydra and USD. Plus, with support for OpenColorIO and ACES, color management is easy and ensures consistent color from capture through to delivery.

Maximize your 3D workflow
Artists can quickly place 2D and 3D elements using Nuke's integrated 3D environment. This workspace allows complex projection workflows using custom geometry to be set up and rendered with ease.

Compositing and much more
• Nuke’s advanced set of tools offer new levels of technical and creative control
• A vast array of flexible tools available at your fingertips
• Streamline your pipeline and tackle complex projects with ease

Unparalleled power and performance
• Nuke meets the needs of modern production work with support for industry-standard file formats
• Be more efficient with your compositing with a robust multi-channel workflow
• Tackle large scale projects thanks to Nuke’s node graph and resolution-independent processing

Collaboration, speed and efficiency
• Work fast with Nuke’s cutting-edge toolkits and fluid workflows
• Reuse tools thanks to features like Gizmos, Toolsets and Presets
• Easily share Nuke scripts, and parallelize work using LiveGroups, powering collaboration whether you’re sitting side by side or across the globe

The perfect fit for your pipeline
• Open and customizable, Nuke offers a flexible pipeline that scales to your needs
• Experience full pipeline integration, automate common tasks and procedures with Nuke’s robust Python API and Pyside
• Write your own image processing operations with Nuke’s C++ SDK, or using Nuke’s BlinkScript node

Nuke for MacOS Info:

New in Nuke 15.0
Nuke 15.0 includes native Apple silicon support, faster CopyCat training, continued evolution of the new 3D system, and more improvements that enable you to focus on being creative.

What’s new in Nuke 15.0 & 14.1
The new version of Nuke includes native Apple silicon support, faster CopyCat training, continued evolution of the new 3D system, and more improvements designed to make your workday more efficient.

Native Apple silicon support
Say hello to up to 20% faster general processing speeds with Nuke 15.0’s native Apple silicon support. You can now use the full power of your Mac while taking advantage of all the latest workflows.

Extended high-resolution support
For users working at very high resolutions, on installations such as large events, theme park rides, and in virtual production, Nuke now supports a number of planar operations on images up to 64K, with sufficient hardware. This means that for Nuke 15.0 & 14.1, all CaraVR nodes, Spherical Transforms and Lens Distortions can now be used on even larger resolutions, giving you greater scalability in your projects.

Faster CopyCat training
With Nuke 15.0 & 14.1’s new distributed training, you can share the load across multiple machines, using standard render farm applications. This makes training faster and means you can carry on using Nuke with CopyCat running in the background. And with multi-resolution training, CopyCat will now compress image resolutions to reduce file size during the early stages. This can reduce training speeds by up to 50%.

New GeoMerge workflows (beta)
The updated GeoMerge node gives you greater control when merging your geometry and USD layers. The GeoMerge node includes four new modes: Merge Layers, Duplicate Prims, Flatten Layers, and Flatten to Single Layer. So whether you just want to merge branching pipes quickly, recreate classic duplication workflows, or have greater control over how your layers are managed, the new mode and UI will provide a more intuitive experience.

3D viewer selection (beta)
Improved viewer selection tools offer greater control when working with much larger stages within the 3D system, with a dedicated 3D toolbar and new two-tier selections. With the new toolbar, you can quickly switch between object, face or vertex mode, while new controls enable you to specify your selection based on the type or kind of the prims in the scene. This brings greater control over which level on a piece of geometry you make your selection. And with two-tier selection you can contain it within your geometry, making it easier to focus on one item in a stage – giving you greater control when creating selections in complex scenes..
and muc More....

Nuke for MacOS

Nuke for MacOS Information:

Explore the Nuke Family
Take a look at the other products in the Nuke family and find the one that best suits your needs.
All the features of Nuke plus even more advanced tools so you can take your compositing to the next level.
Combining the power of NukeX and Hiero into one toolset for more streamlined multi-shot management, editorial, composting and review.
The ultimate node-based compositing toolset at an accessible price.
Seamlessly review dynamic timelines with an intuitive editorial toolkit for all your multi-shot management, conform, editorial and review needs.
Desktop review tool allowing you to review shots in context and compare render versions quickly.

Nuke®, Hiero and HieroPlayer support all major operating systems and have low hardware system requirements.

Supported operating systems
Linux 15.0
Qualified Operating Systems
• Rocky 9.0 (64-bit)
Note: The currently supported version of VFX Reference Platform includes library versions that are only compatible with Rocky 9.0.

Linux 14.1
Qualified Operating Systems
CentOS 7.6 to 7.9 (64-bit)
Note: The currently supported version of VFX Reference Platform includes library versions that are only compatible with CentOS 7.6 to 7.9.

Qualified Operating Systems
• macOS Monterey (12.x)
• macOS Ventura (13.x).
Note: Nuke 15.0 includes native support for Apple’s Silicon hardware on M1 and M2 chips. Other OS versions may work, but have not been tested or qualified on.
Note: Nuke 14.1 is supported under Rosetta emulation on Apple’s silicon hardware and M1 and M2 chips. Native support is available in Nuke 15.0 on Apple’s M1 and M2 hardware. Other OS versions may work, but have not been tested or qualified on.

Qualified Operating Systems
• Windows 10 (64-bit) or Windows 11 (64-bit)
Other OS versions may work, but have not been tested or qualified on.
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