Mocha Pro for MacOS

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Mocha Pro for MacOS

Mocha Pro for MacOS

Mocha Pro for MacOS

Mocha Pro for MacOS Features: 

Mocha Pro is a world-renowned software and plugin for planar motion tracking, rotoscoping, object removal, image stabilization, and PowerMesh organic warp tracking. Essential to visual effects and post-production, Mocha’s tools have played a vital role in every recent Oscar-nominated film for Best Visual Effects. Learn how artists used Mocha Pro to help create Dune’s award-winning VFX.

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Mocha Pro 2023
Rotoscoping Improvements: Point selection falloff for more organic roto. Quickly split up complicated shapes into different layers. Snapshot layers to readjust or break up shots. Adjust inner, outer, or both edges faster.
Tracking Improvements: Merge tracks of separate planar layers. Move clusters of PowerMesh track points with falloff. Quickly jump to ends of tracks and set tracked ranges.
Rendering Improvements: Remove objects from locked or static shots without needing to track. Crop Insert Module ROI (region of interest) to the surface for easier manipulation.
Export Improvements: Generate tracking data directly in the Nuke OFX plugin. New 1-click generation for data where there is only one layer in After Effects and Nuke.
And much more!

Falloff Selection Tools
Mocha Pro’s selection tool now offers a falloff option to make organic roto and PowerMesh tracking much easier to manipulate. Adjust spline edges or clusters of PowerMesh vertices using the same tool, easily adjusting radius and strength of the falloff as required.

Layer Spline Tools
Mocha Pro expands its diverse array of spline options with handy new tools to help you manage layer spline workflows. Split Contours: Select points in a spline contour and split them off into a new layer, retaining the original layer keyframes and tracking data. Snapshot Duplicate: Create a clean duplicate spline based on the current frame to break tracks into chunks.
Inner Width feather adjustment: Alter the inner or outer edge points of a spline using the Edge Offset properties. Shrink and Grow Splines: Move the inner and the outer points together using Edge Offset properties. Clear keyframes: Clear keyframes forward or backward from the current playhead position, making it easier to restart a section of work.

Tracking Tools
Merge Tracks: You can now merge the tracking data of multiple layers, making it easier to work with difficult shots.
Set Tracked Layer Range: One click will set the layer range to the tracked keys on the timeline.
Grid Scale: Originally a fixed size, you can now adjust the size of the Grid relative to the surface.
Preview Search Area: Visualise the search area in the Matte view options, helping to adjust how far out from the current frame Mocha will look.
AdjustTrack Point Lock: To avoid accidentally keyframing points in AdjustTrack, lock a selected point to disable it from further adjustments.
Nuke OFX Plugin Track Data options: Create track data nodes inside the OFX plugin node interface without needing to open the Mocha UI. Choose from linked or baked nodes.

Expanded Rendering Options
Static scene removal: Create a single layer to remove moving objects on static backgrounds in the Remove Module. Save time on tracking. Improved ROI fitting: The Insert Module now makes it easier to crop an ROI (region of interest) to better manipulate PowerMesh and Grid warps.

Mocha Pro for MacOS Info:

Mocha Genius for Macintosh is the Foundation Grant winning planar following system for enhanced visualizations and after creation. It highlights GPU-sped up planar following and article expulsion, progressed roto with edge-snapping, picture adjustment, 3D camera solver, sound system 360/VR backing, from there, the sky is the limit.

Presently accessible on macOS, Windows, and Linux, and as a module for Adobe Debut Genius and Eventual outcomes, Eager Media Writer and OFX has like Fire, Nuke, Combination, HitFilm, and VEGAS Star.

Mocha for Macintosh's veiling work process highlights planar followed spline devices to accelerate shape creation and decrease manual keyframes. Attractive Splines with edge-snapping help assist with making the most nitty gritty veil shapes — without requiring drawing abilities.

The Fundamentals work area carries the force of Mocha to beginner level clients with a rearranged, exquisite, and simple to-learn interface. Following and concealing is presently quicker by decreasing intricacy and zeroing in the connection point on the most fundamental symbols and apparatuses. Change to Exemplary for cutting edge modules and redo and save work areas for adaptability.

Mocha for macOS's astounding Eliminate Module has been reworked to enhance GPU video equipment for up to 4-5x render speed enhancements for expulsions and clean plating projects. For high-goal 4K ventures and 360/VR video goals, the subsequent speed improvement is a gigantic life hack.

Planar following is at the core of all modules and is utilized to drive following, roto-covering, object evacuation, and that's just the beginning. Limitless following layers and the high level AdjustTrack connection point can deal with reflections, impediments, commotion, and even regions with movement obscure or low subtleties.

Mocha Pro for MacOS

Mocha Pro for MacOS Information:
Why Mocha Pro?
The Most Reliable Tracking
Rock solid planar tracking is at the heart of all Mocha Pro modules. VFX artists turn to Mocha for its ease of use and reliability when faced with the most difficult shots. Mocha is versatile, so use it the way you a standalone application, or as a plugin in your favorite host. Mocha Pro can export tracking, roto shapes, lens calibration and 3D data in a wide variety of formats, or render to file or back to your host. Using Mocha AE in After Effects? View the Compare Mocha Chart to learn how Mocha Pro compares with other Mocha solutions.

PowerMesh enables a powerful sub-planar tracking process for visual effects and rotoscoping. Now Mocha Pro can track warped surfaces and organic objects, making it even more powerful for match moves and digital makeup shots.
PowerMesh is simple to use and faster than most optical flow based techniques.
Render PowerMesh driven inserts as composites or RGBA cutouts.
Output a Reverse Warp/Stabilized view for advanced paint and VFX tasks.
Use PowerMesh to to drive roto shapes with less keyframes.
Export mesh vertices to After Effects Nulls, Nuke tracking, or Alembic for Flame, C4D, and more 3D support.

Roto with Less Keyframes
Mocha’s masking workflow features tracked spline tools to speed up shape creation and reduce manual keyframes. Export or render roto to most popular host applications. X-Splines and Bezier splines with magnetic edge-snapping assistance and Area Brush tool help create detailed mask shapes — without requiring drawing skills. PowerMesh warped splines deliver even more accurate results when masking organic moving objects like musculature, skin, fabrics, and more.

Plugin Option for Flexibility
Mocha Pro’s integrated plugin option delivers an efficient workflow using the host’s media engine. Launch Mocha Pro from within your favorite hosts: Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro. Avid Media Composer. OFX Hosts: Autodesk Flame, Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic Design Fusion, VEGAS Pro, HitFilm, SGO/Mistika, and Boris FX Silhouette. The plugin can be purchased by host. A multi-host plugin license is included with standalone application and Boris FX Suite.

Remove Objects and Wires: Remove unwanted elements, wires, rigs, tracking marks, and 360 cameras. Generate clean plates for massive time-savings.
Screen Inserts and Match Moves: Render accurate match moves and screen inserts with realistic motion blur or warped distortions. The Insert Module can be driven by PowerMesh and has improved ROI compositing with high quality sub-sampling and blend modes.
Stabilize Camera or Object Motion: The Stabilize Module can lock down camera motion or stabilize based on select tracking layers. Export stabilized tracking data or render a stabilized clip.
Lens Calibration Tools: The Lens Module provides a simple and easy-to-use interface to calibrate the distortion introduced by camera lenses. Remove unwanted lens distortion or match it to composite realistically. Use built-in line detection or splines for calibration.
and much more...
Mocha Pro for MacOS Download

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