MakeMKV for MacOS

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MakeMKV for MacOS

MakeMKV for MacOS

MakeMKV for MacOS

MakeMKV for MacOS Features:

MakeMKV is your one-click solution to convert video that you own into free and patents-unencumbered format that can be played everywhere. MakeMKV is a format converter, otherwise called "transcoder". It converts the video clips from proprietary (and usually encrypted) disc into a set of MKV files, preserving most information but not changing it in any way. The MKV format can store multiple video/audio tracks with all meta-information and preserve chapters. There are many players that can play MKV files nearly on all platforms, and there are tools to convert MKV files to many formats, including DVD and Blu-ray discs.

Additionally MakeMKV can instantly stream decrypted video without intermediate conversion to wide range of players, so you may watch Blu-ray and DVD discs with your favorite player on your favorite OS or on your favorite device.

Reads DVD and Blu-ray discs
Reads Blu-ray discs protected with latest versions of AACS and BD+
Preserves all video and audio tracks, including HD audio
Preserves chapters information
Preserves all meta-information (track language, audio type)
Fast conversion - converts as fast as your drive can read data.
No additional software is required for conversion or decryption.
Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
Functionality to open DVD discs is free and will always stay free.
All features (including Blu-ray decryption and processing) are free during BETA.

MKV is open and free. No one holds patents or licenses and anyone can implement it freely. As a result nearly every software player and many hardware devices support it. The best software players out there ( VLC, MPlayer ) have full MKV support and are absolutely free.
MKV files do not have evil features attached.
You can play them on any capable hardware. No need for HDCP-certified video card or any "trusted" environment.
You can copy them to your laptop and watch anytime, even if your laptop lacks DVD or Blu-ray drive, or any drive whatsoever.
One file is one title. If you don't want to watch dozen trailers before the movie, you don't have to. And fast forward button always works, too.
There are no restrictions where to play the file. There are no region-based restrictions. You have control over the content you've paid for.
MKV files are easy to change. Want to remove unneeded audio track from the file? Thought about converting MPEG-2 video into H264 to make the file 5 times smaller? All of it can be easily done with free software.
MKV files are compact. For exactly the same content MKV files are about 10% smaller than DVD files and roughly 40% smaller than Blu-ray files.

MakeMKV for MacOS Info:

MakeMKV for Macintosh is your a single tick answer for convert video that you own into a free and licenses unhampered organization that can be played all over the place. MakeMKV is a configuration converter, generally called "transcoder". It changes over the video cuts from restrictive (and typically scrambled) plate into a bunch of MKV records, protecting most data yet not transforming it at all. The MKV configuration can store various video/sound tracks with all meta-data and save sections. There are numerous players that can play MKV documents almost on all stages, and there are devices to change over MKV records to many configurations, including DVD and Blu-beam circles.

Moreover MakeMKV for macOS can right away transfer unscrambled video without halfway transformation to extensive variety of players, so you might watch Blu-beam and DVD plates with your #1 player on your #1 operating system or on your #1 gadget.

MKV means "Matroska Video". Matroska is a holder document design, fit for holding limitless number of video, sound and subtitile tracks, alongside any metadata. Basically this implies that it is feasible to put whole film with numerous sound and caption tracks, sections data and film thumbnail into single document. Being open and sans patent Matroska acquired expansive help as of late and rapidly becomes true norm for putting away films.

While MKV is a decent stockpiling design not generally it tends to be played straightforwardly. Playing MKV records on a PC isn't an issue - there are numerous players and codec packs that empower MKV playback on any stage, be it Windows, Macintosh or Linux. Anyway numerous equipment players don't play MKV straightforwardly - for that MKV documents should be transcoded into design that specific equipment player comprehends. Since all meta data is safeguarded in MKV and packed media information (video, sound, captions) isn't changed in any capacity it is dependably conceivable to transcode MKV records into unique arrangement. For instance, MKV documents created from a Blu-beam circle might be transcoded back to a Bly-beam picture or set of M2TS records with practically no misfortunes by freeware transcoding devices.

MakeMKV for MacOS

MakeMKV for MacOS Information:
MKV stands for "Matroska Video". Matroska is a container file format, capable of holding unlimited number of video, audio and subtitile tracks, along with any metadata. Practically this means that it is possible to put entire movie with multiple sound and subtitle tracks, chapters information and movie thumbnail into single file. Being open and patent-free Matroska gained broad support recently and quickly becomes de-facto standard for storing movies. More information can be found at Wikipedia article.

While MKV is a good storage format not always it can be played directly. Playing MKV files on a computer is not an issue - there are many players and codec packs that enable MKV playback on any platform, be it Windows, Mac or Linux. However many hardware players do not play MKV directly - for that MKV files need to be transcoded into format that particular hardware player understands. Since all meta information is preserved in MKV and compressed media data (video, audio, subtitles) is not changed in any way it is always possible to transcode MKV files into original format. For example, MKV files produced from a Blu-ray disc may be transcoded back to a Bly-ray image or set of M2TS files without any losses by freeware transcoding tools.

Playing MKV files
Freeware players that support MKV natively:

Videolan VLC is a free and very good player for Windows, Mac and Linux that supports MKV directly.
MPlayer is another free player with MKV support.
CCCP is a free codec pack for Windows that will enable MKV playback in Windows Media Player and all other DirectShow-based players.
Transcoding tools:

tsMuxeR is a free tool that can transcode MKV file produced from DVD or Blu-ray back into Blu-ray disc or M2TS file
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