iShowU Instant for Mac

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iShowU Instant for Mac

iShowU Instant for Mac 

iShowU Instant for Mac

iShowU Instant for Mac Features:

Awesome realtime screen recording for macOS

Welcome to realtime screen recording like you've never seen before! iShowU Instant is the fastest, most feature filled realtime screen capture tool from shinywhitebox yet. It takes key features from both "Classic" and HD Pro, and merges them into a single product, making 'Instant' the only app you'll ever need to create recordings quickly.

All of the features you would expect are here, and probably some you don't! Record from any screen, enhance your microphone audio through the use of a dynamics processor, compressor and/or equaliser, add text and/or an overlay, enhance your recording with mouse and click visualization, trim front/back after recording, create time-lapse recordings, share to a wide range of online services, and more.

Built natively for Intel & Apple Silicon
Requires OS X 10.14.4 or later
Trim, Audio Dynamics / Compressor / EQ require Advanced Features, which can be purchased in-app at any time

A User Interface meant for you icon
Use an interface that you’re comfortable with. Want something simple? Use Basic mode. Want more power? Advanced mode gives access to all the options!

Customise your settings icon
Easily create presets for common editing tasks, or for different types of output. Give them custom names so you can easily recognize them.

Super Sharing icon
Share to YouTube, Vimeo and all other enabled OS X services. We’ve even included an animated GIF generator!

Clean and Simple icon
No need to tidy your desktop, we’ll do it for you. Instant can hide your desktop icons, and change your desktop picture to a solid color or other image.

Flexible Output icon
Produce Quicktime or MP4 at up to 60fps. Want to create a timelapse? You can set the frame rate as low as 1 frame per minute!

Better Camera Capture icon
Camera capture has been enhanced with the ability to show the camera either as a classic picture-in-picture, full screen, or completely hide it. Not only that, the transitions are animated in real time as you’re recording.

A time for everything icon
Start and stop recording when you want, using either durations or fixed absolute times.

available as an in-app purchase, anytime
Audio Dynamics, Compressor and EQ icon
Get crisp and clean audio using the built in dynamics, compressor and equaliser. No need to clean audio afterwards. Got a 32 channel outboard device as input? No problem!

Text & Image Watermarks icon
Watermark your recordings with either text or an image (or both!), with control over opacity, size, position, rotation, borders, and reflection.

Prores built in icon
Retain maximum quality with a choice of either 422 or 4444 formats.

Full Visualization Control icon
More control over mouse & keypress visualization. Customize colors, enable single keypress visuals, modifier keypresses and click descriptions.

Record iOS devices icon
Create awesome looking demo videos from any iOS device.

Built-in Editing Essentials icon
Trim unwanted parts from the start & end and insert annotations or other graphic elements. Editing mode brings commonly used editing tools directly to iShowU.

iShowU Instant for Mac Info:

iShowU Moment for Macintosh is the quickest, most element filled realtime screen catch programming from shinywhitebox yet. It takes key highlights from both "Exemplary" and HD Star, and consolidations them into a solitary item, making 'Moment' the just application you'll at any point have to rapidly make accounts.

The elements you would expect are all here, and presumably some you don't! Record from any screen, upgrade your mouthpiece sound using an elements processor, blower or potentially balancer, add text as well as an overlay, improve your recording with mouse and snap perception, trim front/back in the wake of recording, make time-slip by accounts, offer to a large number of online administrations, and that's just the beginning. Download iShowU Moment for macOS today!

Elements and Features

A UI Implied FOR YOU
Utilize a connection point that you're OK with. Need something basic? Utilize Fundamental mode. Need more power? High level mode gives admittance to every one of the choices!

Effectively make presets for normal altering errands, or for various kinds of result. Give them custom names so you can undoubtedly remember them.

Offer to YouTube, Vimeo and any remaining empowered operating system X administrations.

Spotless AND Straightforward
Moment can conceal your work area symbols, and change your work area picture to a strong variety or other picture.

Adaptable Result
Produce Quicktime or MP4 at up to 60fps. Need to make a timelapse? You can set the edge rate as low as 1 casing each moment!

Camera catch has been improved with the capacity to show the camera either as an exemplary picture-in-picture, full screen, or totally conceal it. Not just that, the changes are energized progressively as you're recording.

Begin and quit recording when you need, utilizing either spans or fixed outright times.

iShowU Instant for Mac

iShowU Instant for Mac Information:
1.4.1605 October 2023 Changes
Fixed the super large record button taking whole UI on Sonoma
If YouTube login fails, user is signed out (within Instant), allowing a retry / refresh of the authentication token
Updated build chain (new xcode release)
1.4.1427 January 2023 Fixes
Fixed issue where 'mute' wasn't working

1.4.1318 November 2022 Fixes
Fixed up issue with Black screen/M1 when recording full screen! Yay!

1.4.1212 September 2022 Changes
Added in ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 422 LT and ProRes 422 Proxy (advanced features)
Fixed race condition relating to audio devices (could result in hangs in the UI)

1.4.1121 July 2022 Changes
Added additional debugging output to identify all connected screens
Updated Paddle SDK and purchase method

1.4.1013 April 2022 Changes
Fixed issue in Monterey/M1, whereby some users were experiencing black/empty recordings.
Built with Monterey toolchain

1.4.928 January 2022 Changes
Added a feature to let you customize the left/right/middle click visualization text
Added some logging to try to determine cause of audio going out of sync
Fixed a bug where if a camera was plugged in in the past, but not now, recording wouldnt work.
iShowU Instant for Mac Download

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