Blisk for Mac Download

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Blisk for Mac Download

Blisk for Mac Download

Blisk for Mac 

Blisk for Mac Features:

Cross-Device Testing
Used globally from the freelance segment to the enterprise level, Blisk helps web developers, quality assurance engineers, web designers, marketers, and other IT professionals develop and test modern web applications in half the time and never miss any issues.

Devices: More than 50 devices are integrated into Blisk. You can use mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops both standalone or multiple simultaneously.
When multiple, devices automatically follow each other by URL and scroll position. As a result, you work with the same portion of code across all opened devices.
Device OS: iOS, Android, iPadOS, macOS, Windows.
Vendors: Apple, Google, LG, Samsung, Dell.

What you can do with devices:
Develop and test for mobile and desktop simultaneously. Top devices ready to use.Test support for touch events for web applications on mobiles and tablets.Test reactive single-page applications with custom navigation on mobile and desktop.Simulate medium or slow Internet connection, same as in real-life conditions.Display devices in real size - just as your web app will look to the end user.Test both portrait & landscape orientation on mobiles to cover all use cases.Test dark color theme as if your user would launch night mode on mobile.Track page errors and warnings on each device with a built-in Error Notifier.Debug and measure performance with DevTools on each device independently.Create, save, and reuse custom device sets. Share device set with your team.Test how your emails look in Gmail or Outlook on mobile and desktop.Monitor the website's rank or Ads on Google search results for mobile.

Tools & Features
Become twice more productive with the set of extra features

Side-by-side View: Place devices next to each other and compare the UI on mobile and desktop simultaneously. Avoid making mistakes while working on responsive markup and styles. Work with the same portion of code across all opened devices by using built-in URL and scroll sync. Devices follow each other by URL and scroll position. You only point the direction - Blisk does the rest.
Page Auto-refresh keeps the code updated to the latest version across devices. Web contents refresh automatically when you modify source code and save changes. If needed, the CSS can be updated asynchronously without refreshing the page.
You decide which file types and file locations trigger Auto-refresh. Auto-refresh delay may be handy for complex projects with bundling or preprocessing.
Error Notifications: Thanks to the built-in error monitor, you will immediately detect issues when you execute a new piece of code in Blisk. The sooner you identify an issue, the easier it is to fix it. Blisk monitors for page errors in JavaScript and resources that failed to load in real-time. The user is notified when the issue appears on any device.
Screenshots and Recorder: Take screenshots or record videos with automatic upload to our secure cloud storage. Share saved assets with your team or attach them to your bug reports. Use the built-in image editor to highlight found issues or what's important on the screenshots.
Integrations: Need to launch Blisk from Command Prompt or Terminal? Blisk runs smoothly regardless of your OS. You decide which devices, URL, and device orientation will startup. With Blisk URL Handler, you can launch Blisk from the address bar of another browser or directly from your Html content by replacing the link source with a Blisk link.

Blisk for Mac Info:

Why Blisk: Deliver truly responsive and high-performance web applications.
Develop: Prototype, develop and design responsive, high-performance web applications in half the time. Now you can work on mobile and desktop at the same time, meeting the needs of your customers.
Test: Check that your web application looks great and works fine on any device. Test mobile version on the same devices your end-user will be using. Simulate the the real-life conditions.
Collaborate: Collaborate effectively with your team. Share device sets, screenshots, and videos with teammates to take your web app to the next level and never miss any issues.

Users & Industries
Blisk is used by IT specialists from different industries:
Web Developers
QA Engineers
UI & UX Designers
SEO Specialists

It delivers preinstalled phones of all needed viewports: from small iPhone 5s to large Google Pixel XL. Phones support touch event, landscape or portrait mode, have a propper screen resolution, device pixel ratio and user agent. The list of phones updates constantly.

Different Tablets
With Browser, you can check how your web application looks like and performs on tablets. Tablets support touch event, landscape or portrait mode, have a proper screen resolution, device pixel ratio and user agent. The list of tablets updates constantly.

Regular Laptops
It enables to create the amazing experiences for users on different laptops: from Windows to OS X. Laptops have a propper screen resolution, device pixel ratio and user agent. The list of laptops updates constantly.

MDPI-HiDPI Desktops
Create web applications for desktops: from regular MDPI 1440px×800px to large HiDPI 2560px×1440px screens. Desktops support have a propper screen resolution, device pixel ratio and user agent. The list of desktops updates constantly.

Side-by-side view
It shows mobile and desktop side-by-side. It helps to compare the UI on mobile and desktop simultaneously. Switching from mobile to desktop back and forth is not needed anymore.

URL ans scroll sync
It synchronizes URL and scroll position for both mobile and desktop. Mobile and desktop follow each other by URL and scroll position. Blisk does the routine work for you. It always shows the same page and same portion of the content on desktop and mobile.

Every time you save code changes - refreshes tab(s). It updates CSS changes even without page refresh. Try to open IDE in one screen, the tool - in another and focus on development.

Multiple DevTools
The program delivers best DevTools (same as in Chrome). You can launch separate DevTools for desktop and mobile and use them simultaneously to inspect elements, measure performance etc.

Error notifications
It monitors page errors in JavaScript and resources that failed to load. It notifies you when the issue appears and searches for the solution on StackOverflow.

Page inspector
The app delivers own page inspector with the most important CSS properties. It powers quick inspecting of any element on desktop or mobile without launching DevTools.

Blisk for Mac Download

Blisk for Mac Information:

Blisk for Macintosh is a Chromium-based program with fundamental instruments for web improvement. Use it for synchronous structure and testing both work area and portable variants of your site. Blisk for macOS empowers designers to see their progressions as they code across numerous gadgets all the while! The program is a first engineer situated program for Windows PC. It gives organizations an improvement work area for the groups and consultants to create and test present day web applications two times quicker.

Configuration, foster responsive and elite execution web applications two times quicker. With this device, you can chip away at portable and work area all the while. Make sure that your web application looks perfect and turns out great on any gadget. Test versatile and work area adaptations next to each other with every single required gadget. Take a screen capture or record a video and offer it with your group. It consequently transfers screen captures and recordings to the solid Blisk for Macintosh distributed storage.
Blisk for Mac Download

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