Airfoil for Mac

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Airfoil for Mac

Airfoil 5.11.1 for MacOS Download

Airfoil for Mac Features:

Airfoil for Mac allows you to send any audio to AirPort Express units, Apple TVs, and even other Macs and PCs, all in sync! It's your audio - everywhere.

With this tool you can take audio from any application and send to your AirPort Express units, as well as Apple TVs, and even other Macs and PCs running Airfoil Speakers! Transmit audio from RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, and other media players. Send audio from web-based applications like Pandora,, and other to the AirPort Express. You can even stream audio from audio devices like RadioSHARK, XM and Sirius radios, around your house.

Stream any audio from your Mac all around your network. Send music services like Spotify or web-based audio like Pandora wirelessly to all sorts of devices, including the Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Bluetooth speakers. You can even send to iOS devices and other computers.

Airfoil for MacOS 10.13 High Sierra or later

Great Airfoil Features

Configure Airfoil to auto-transmit on launch, and you'll be streaming audio around your house just by opening the app.

New! Silence Monitor
With the silence monitor feature, Airfoil can automatically disconnect when silent audio is streaming.

New! Speaker Groups
Send to multiple outputs with just a click. Create a group for all the speakers in your house, or make multiple zones.

Menu Bar Mode
Airfoil can optionally reside exclusively in your menu bar, tucking away until you need it.

Useful Audio Effects
Airfoil's built-in equalizer lets you tweak audio to get that perfect sound.

Metadata Included
Airfoil includes metadata with its stream, so you can see track titles and album art with compatible outputs.

Remote Control
The free Airfoil Satellite app for iOS, Mac, and Windows can remotely control both Airfoil and many supported audio sources.

Receive from iOS
Run Airfoil Satellite on your Mac, and you'll be able to stream audio from iOS to your computer.

iOS to Multiple Outputs
Team up Airfoil and Airfoil Satellite to send AirPlay audio from iOS to multiple outputs!

Airfoil for Mac Info:

Any audio, everywhere
Stream any audio from your Mac all around your network. Send music services like Spotify or web-based audio like Pandora wirelessly to all sorts of devices, including the Apple TV, HomePod, Google Chromecast, Sonos devices, and Bluetooth speakers. You can even send to iOS devices and other computers.
Any audio on your Mac can now be heard throughout your house!

Level Up Your Wireless Audio System

Send From Any Audio Source
Use Airfoil to stream any audio playing on your Mac, from music services like Spotify and Pandora, web-based audio from Safari or Chrome, or anything else you like.

Play to Multiple Outputs in Sync
Stream the music you love to speakers all over the house. Everything will play in perfect sync, even between different speaker types.

Team Up with Airfoil Satellite
Airfoil Satellite is a free companion for Airfoil, available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Receive audio and remotely control Airfoil on your iOS device or other computer!

Stream Audio to Thousands of Supported Devices

Apple TV
Third-Party AirPlay Hardware
New!Sonos Devices
Google Chromecasts, Cast TV & Cast Speakers
Bluetooth Speakers & Headphones

Computers, Phones, and Tablets, Too
With Airfoil Satellite, a complimentary add-on for Airfoil, you can stream to other Macs, PCs, iOS devices, and Android hardware.

Airfoil for Mac

Airfoil for Mac Information:
What’s new in version 5.11.1
Improvements in ACE 11.8.2 - The Audio Capture Engine (ACE) has been updated to 11.8.2, with many improvements for even more reliable audio capture. This includes a workaround for issues with FaceTime volume when using the built-in microphone, as well as an improvement in dealing with poorly implemented Audio Units. Tracking of audio device sample clocks also now works better when the device is providing erroneous information. CPU usage has been reduced in many common audio flows, clock synchronization across devices has been improved, and persistent device tracking has been improved.
AppleScript compatibility with stereo paired HomePods has been improved.
A rare crash related to Bonjour has been fixed.
An issue where upsampling of certain low sample rates could sometimes produce audio artifacts has been resolved.
Software Update checks now occur only after the Welcome Window has been closed.

Airfoil Support Center
Current Release 5.11.1 (July 6, 2022)
System Requirements
MacOS 10.14 to MacOS 12 (On both Intel & Apple Silicon)
Download the Latest Get Airfoil 5.11.1

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