Utopia P2P for Mac Download

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Utopia P2P for Mac Download

Utopia P2P 1.1.660 for Mac Download

Utopia P2P for Mac Features:

Utopia P2P is a global community of people working to create a society where the sharing of information is a fundamental part of daily life. We believe that the sharing of information is the key to unlocking the potential of everyone and that the power of the collective is stronger than the power of the individual.

We believe that the internet should be a place where we can connect with each other and share information without fear of censorship or surveillance. We want to create a world where everyone can be their own boss and control their own destiny.

We believe that the internet should be a place where we can share information without the need for third-party intermediaries.

We're thrilled to announce the release of Utopia P2P! This is a powerful and innovative platform that enables users to share files and folders with other users in a secure and peer-to-peer manner.

Utopia P2P is a fast, reliable, and user-friendly file sharing platform that makes it easy for users to share files and folders with other users in a secure and peer-to-peer manner. With Utopia P2P, users can share files and folders with other users in a secure and peer-to-peer manner without having to worry about security issues or bandwidth limitations.

Utopia P2P Download for MacOS 10.12 Sierra or later

Utopia for Mac is a P2P communication service that provides its users access to unprecedented levels of privacy. Built from the ground up to take full advantage of the modern infrastructure and the fully decentralized network approach that prevents any big monopoly giants from snooping on internet users, Utopia P2P Ecosystem for macOS allows anyone in the world to quickly, reliably, and securely engage in meaningful communication with their friends, colleagues, clients or anyone else.

Accessible from a streamlined low-resource intensive and fast desktop app, Utopia provides incredible flexibility for anyone who values user privacy.
  • Secure and surveillance resistant communication
  • Built-in wallet, crypto cards and API for merchants
  • Decentralized P2P network
  • Mining made easy
  • Designed for anonymity
  • uNS - Utopia Name System
  • Secure web browser
  • Secure storage and transmission
The modern internet is built upon large networks of static servers, legacy internet providers, and an abundance of tracking services that follow users’ online habits to the smallest detail. From the moment anyone logs in to the account of some web giant, his browsing choices are comprehensively tracked and evaluated for better market promotion and countless other business opportunities for unseen companies. However, modern decentralized networks can bypass them all by routing all network traffic to an ever-larger set of fully encrypted servers hosted by users themselves.

The app is one of such decentralized services, but instead of focusing on a traditional offering of cryptocurrency mining or exchange, it offers its users access to a large set of encrypted communication tools. This includes text and voice messages, group chat, news feeds, data transfer, storage, and even encrypted email communication via the built-in uMail client and a Tor-alternative Idyll browser. All aspects of the usage of Utopia software are protected with a military-grade 256-bit AES and the curve25519 high-speed encryption, ensuring that only the sender and chosen recipients can actually engage in direct communication.

In addition to this wide set of communication tools, Utopia for Mac also enables all of its users to access effortless and automatic crypto mining. The chosen currency is CryptON, a lesser-known coin that has a real shot of becoming more popular in the near future. To make the mining experience as streamlined as possible, users can also access the wallet, crypto cards, and other crypto services directly from within the dashboard. Advanced crypto merchants can also take advantage of the API for integrating CryptON into their daily workflow

Utopia P2P for Mac Info:

UTOPIA for macOS
For macOS 10.12 or higher
Translated into 29 languages

Utopia is a breakthrough decentralized P2P ecosystem with no central server involved in data transmission or storage. Utopia is specifically designed to protect privacy of communication, confidentiality and security of personal data. It was created for privacy-conscious public who believe that privacy is paramount. With Utopia you are able to bypass online censorship and firewalls, meaning that you are free to communicate with whoever you want whenever you want. Your physical location cannot be revealed. Communication and data cannot be intercepted by 3rd party. All account data is stored on Utopia user's local device in encrypted file using 256-bit AES encryption.

Utopia is a decentralized peer-to-peer network, with no central server involved in data transmission or storage. The network is supported by people who use it. Utopia Network is based on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology. It has no single point of failure and is truly decentralized. This means that each node, including your Utopia software, transmits network data in encrypted mode. The communication cannot be intercepted by third-party, only the recipient is able read it. The P2P technology ensures that you network activity, including surfing cannot be tracked or your identity revealed as all network communication is protected by super secure Curve25519 high-speed elliptic curve cryptography.

With Utopia you can send instant text and voice messages, transfer files, create group chats and channels, news feeds and conduct a private discussion. A channel can be geotagged using integrated uMaps which simplifies Utopia channel search and adds an additional security layer. As a result there is no need to use public map services which are known to collect your data to feed Big Data massives. uMail is a decentralized alternative to classic e-mail. No servers are used for mail transmission or storage. uMail account, that is created in a minute, enables unlimited messaging and attachment storage. 

Utopia ecosystem encryption guarantees the security of mail transmission and storage. Your uMail, as an internal part of Utopia, cannot be blocked or seized. All financial functionality can be found in Utopia built-in uWallet: make and accept instant payments denominated in Utopia mineable cryptocurrency Crypton, accept payments at your website, pay by Crypto Cards without revealing your identity or bill fellow Utopia users for your services. Other features include API and console client for fast and easy integration. Utopia Network includes a safe alternative to traditional Domain Name System (DNS) called Utopia Name System (uNS). 

This is decentralized registry of names that are impossible to expropriate, freeze or corrupt by 3rd-party. Once registered it is your property for infinity. uNS combined with Packet Forwarding functional allow to tunnel any kind of data between users in ecosystem, making possible to host different types of resources including websites inside Utopia Network. Utopia has built-in Idyll browser to view websites within Utopia peer-to-peer network. Idyll is a great alternative to TOR browser. There are many other amazing features you will enjoy like voice encryption, tons of stickers and smiles, multiplayer games, collaboration and organizing tools. Take advantage of all of the above features while you stay anonymous and your data remains secure.

Utopia P2P for Mac Download

Utopia P2P for Mac Information:
Ideal world is your across the board pack for secure texting, scrambled email correspondence, mysterious installments and confidential web perusing.

Ideal world is opportunity, obscurity, and control free determined item intended for secure correspondence, mysterious installments and genuinely free Internet without borders. Absolute reconnaissance, data stream control, and official trickeries are precisely very thing Utopia is planned to forestall. At the point when you use Utopia Big Brother is done watching you. With Utopia you can sidestep online oversight and firewalls, implying that you are allowed to speak with whoever you need at whatever point you need. The right to speak freely of discourse is ensured by Utopia environment. Client actual area can't be uncovered. Correspondence and information can't be caught and perused by an outsider. All record information is put away on Utopia client's nearby gadget in a scrambled document.

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