Smadav 2022 Antivirus For Mac Download

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Smadav 2022 Antivirus Free Download

Smadav 2022 Antivirus For Mac Download

Smadav Antivirus is the satisfactory and lightest antivirus made in Indonesia. Carrying Heuristic Smadav antivirus generation is capable of offering extra safety on your laptop and USB flash drive.

When this newsletter becomes written, Smadav Antivirus released the contemporary version, Smadav with the addition of a database of 1040 new viruses, a brand new look, the addition of a new fast experiment mode for USB, elevated safety of Ransomware, and others. Smadav 2022 Antivirus Free Download

It offers additional safety to the computer and USB flash disk and is a hundred% compatible (can be run simultaneously) with other antiviruses. It is due to the fact this smadav antivirus is designed as extra safety in order that it can run well even though there is every other antivirus established to your laptop.

It may be said that Smadav antivirus is the second layer of safety. In detecting and eradicating the Smadav virus has its personal manner this is by using conduct, heuristics, and whitelisting with a view to further enhance the security of your computer.

Whilst running the exceptional Antivirus uses the handiest a small part of laptop sources so it will now not upload weight for your laptop's performance. So with a combination of protection among Smadav and antivirus that already exists will similarly fortify the defense of your pc machine from demanding virus attacks.

Smadav 2022 Antivirus For Mac Download

Any other plus Smadav is able to easy viruses which have inflamed and restored the registry that was modified by way of the rogue virus. Most different antiviruses do now not clean the registry so that the computer has not run commonly after the scanning procedure is entire.

Although lose its capacity to locate and remove viruses is identical to Smadav seasoned. But Smadav pro has other advantages in extra functions that are not owned by way of Smadav free. Smadav 2022 Antivirus Free Download

The blessings of Smadav pro antivirus are having an automated replace detection device whilst related to the net community, quicker scanning, Exception lists, Maximize/resize, changing the shade of the subject matter, admin password, and permission to apply profits.

Smadav History:
Zainuddin Nafarin alias STC alias Zai, the inventor of the local antivirus Smadav is a student at Pahandut Public Middle School 2 Pahandut Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan class XI IA 1 who created SmadAV in 2006, Smadav was created not because he loved the alma mater, but because of the beginning (accidentally ) he knew Visual Basic in the computer laboratory of SMAN-2 Palangkaraya in the middle of 2006. Then Zainuddin Nafarin started trying to learn it, and a few months after that Smadav v1.0 was born.

However, due to his busy participation in the Mathematics Olympiad, the development of SmadAV was finally postponed until it was completed in 2008. Smadav was first created in the city of Palangkaraya, but the location for its development took up more space in the Jogjakarta area due to busy studying at the Faculty of Computer Science, Gadjah Mada University.

Zainuddin began developing SmadAV since October 2006 (at that time Zainuddin Nafarin was still in grade XI or 2 SMA). Since some of his friends asked Zainuddin to clean his computer from annoying local viruses, even though Zainuddin himself was still quite unfamiliar with local viruses at that time. There are 2 things that annoy him here, the first is the local virus itself. Second, Zainuddin Nafarin had to come to each Zainuddin Nafarin's house to "help" clean local viruses on his computer manually. Because of this, inevitably, we have to want Zainuddin Nafarin's friends to be helped and Zainuddin Nafarin doesn't bother anymore, since then Zainuddin has started developing the SmadAV application.

Zainuddin Nafarin named it SmadAV because SMA Zainuddin Nafarin was SMAN-2 Palangkaraya, usually called Smada. So, SmadAV = Smada + AV (Smada Antivirus). Why does it have to be smada? Because Zainuddin Nafarin only started learning programming since the beginning of class XI (since Zainuddin Nafarin discovered Visual Basic in Smada's lab) and even Zainuddin Nafarin only had a computer when he was in the middle of class X.

Suggestions For Smadav Users:
Friends, don't compare Smadav with other Antivrus like Avast, Avira and their class which were created to be the main protection of our PC from malware, virus attacks, etc. because Smadav was created to be a second layer protector.

Smadav is an anti-virus made by the nation's children which is effective for friends who often plug in flash drives here and there because one of its main features is to protect USB from viruses. Please upgrade to the Pro version for friends who want to activate additional features such as auto-updating, because Smadav also always updates the latest virus data such as the virus that was trending yesterday (Rumba / STOP / DJVU / TFUDET) and other special features.

Better to prevent than cure, it's better to protect your PC by installing an antivirus / anti malware earlier, don't wait for the trojan virus first and then install it. because if it's too late the solution is one of the fastest. Reinstall. Be careful with download sources, whether videos, images and especially software, because the downloaded files may carry a virus. I recommend using the latest Smadav because it is proven effective as a second anti-virus.

Smadav 2022 Antivirus For Mac Download Feature:
Addition of a database of 106 new viruses that infect the system, 
Improved statistical delivery features and improved detection errors, 
Change of appearance: Smadav Free will display messages every startup, 
Add notifications when restarting the computer due to virus infection

Smadav 2022 Antivirus For Mac Download Info:
Smadav Pro has many additional features that are not available on Smadav Free, there are additional features that you will get on Smadav Pro: Online Automatic Updates, Eliminate Initial Messages, Tools Features in Applications, Anti-Ransomware Settings and Protection in Applications, Exclusion List, Change Display Size / Color, Admin Password, and Profit Usage Permit. Note: Smadav Free & Pro has the same detection capabilities. The difference is only in the automatic update feature and other additional features.

4 Main function of Smadav :
1) Additional Protection for your PC, mostly compatible with another antivirus products!
Almost all other antivirus cannot be installed with another antivirus, it's because the antivirus designed for main protection in your PC. It's not the case for Smadav, Smadav is an antivirus that is designed as additional (second layer) protection, so it's mostly compatible and could be installed and run together with another antivirus in your PC. Smadav using their own technique (behavior, heuristic, and whitelisting) to detect and clean virus that improves security in your PC.

2) Protection for USB Flashdisk
USB Flashdisk is one of the most used media for virus spread. Smadav use its own technology to avoid virus spread and infection from USB Flashdisk. Smadav can detect many new unknown virus in USB even if the virus is not in the database. Not only for protection, Smadav can also help you to clean USB Flashdisk from virus and restore hidden/infected file in the USB Flashdisk.

3) Low resource Antivirus
Smadav has advantage with its very small installer size (under 10 MB) and low usage of internet while active in your PC. And also smadav only using small fraction of your PC resources. Smadav most of the time only use small memory and small CPU usage. With this small resource usage, Smadav will not heavily slow your computer. And you can still install another antivirus that will together work with Smadav to protect your PC.

Smadav 2022 Antivirus Free Download

4) Cleaner and tools to clean virus
Smadav can clean some virus that already infected your PC and also fix the registry change made by the virus. Many tools included in Smadav Pro to fight for virus cleaning. The tools are :
  • One-Virus By-User, to manually add your suspect file for virus cleaning in the PC.
  • Process Manager, to manage processes and programs run in your PC.
  • System editor, to change some system options that usually changed by virus.
  • Win-Force, to force open some system management programs in Windows.
  • Smad-Lock, to immunize your drive from some virus infection.

Smadav 2022 Antivirus For Mac Download:
Requirements: Mac OS All Version Update
Addition of 123 new virus databases
- STOP / DJVU / TFUDET Ransomware
New feature update:
New theme Update, New detection database of 7051 new viruses,
Smadav-AI update (Artificial Intelligence, version 9.82M) to detect many new viruses and reduce false/incorrect detection, Smadav-AI is more active in detecting suspicious programs,
New feature to select AI detection level when scanning,
Changes to name of virus detected by AI, Changes to some of the settings.

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