Apple Numbers 10.3.9 Latest Download

Apple Numbers 10.3.9 Latest Download

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Apple Numbers for Mac Free Download

Apple Numbers for Mac Features:
Features available with Numbers. 
Numbers does the work for you. So you can visualize data like never before.

Apple Numbers 10.3.9 Latest Download

  • Turn handwriting into text. Magically. With Scribble for iPadOS and Apple Pencil, your handwriting will automatically be converted to typed text. Jot down a formula or scribble a date, and see it quickly turn into text.
  • Forms. Reimagined. With newly redesigned forms, it's never been easier to create and customize a form. Simply provide input to a single row in Numbers for iPadOS by adding a form to any table or using the new Basic form template.
  • Play web videos right in your spreadsheets. Add a YouTube or Vimeo video to explain your data, then play it right in Numbers, without the need to open a web browser. Simply add a link, and play your web video inside your spreadsheet.
  • Powerful new RegEx features. Match text flawlessly with RegEx functions. Easily manipulate text, match patterns in your data, and create formulas that are even more flexible.
  • XLOOKUP comes to Numbers. With XLOOKUP, you can find values in columns and rows, or look for exact, approximate, or partial matches. Plus, this new function makes Numbers even more compatible with Microsoft Excel.
  • Audio. Easily record, edit, and play audio directly in a spreadsheet.
  • Captions and titles stick with objects. Easily add text to tables, data, images, and videos. Your words will automatically stay with objects — if and when you move them.
  • Color, gradients, and images. Apply a color, gradient, or image to the background of any sheet, to your text, or to any shape.
  • Custom templates. Create templates to use as starting points for new spreadsheets, and access them on any device using iCloud.
  • Dark Mode. Enable Dark Mode to give Numbers a dramatic dark look and emphasize your content.
  • Export. Export to other formats, including Microsoft Excel, CSV, and TSV.
  • Gorgeous charts. From columns to donut charts, there are many ways to display your data. You can create an audio representation of your chart using VoiceOver on iOS and iPadOS.
  • iCloud Drive folder sharing. Add a Numbers spreadsheet to a shared iCloud Drive folder and automatically start collaborating.
  • Worksheet links. Jump to other sheets in your Numbers spreadsheet by creating text links.
  • Math equations. Add elegance to your mathematical equations using LaTeX or MathML notation.
  • Microsoft Excel Compatibility. Import and export Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, with support for up to one million rows and one thousand columns per table.
  • Offline collaboration. Edit shared spreadsheets while offline, and your changes will automatically upload when your account’s online again.
  • Powerful RegEx Functions. Match patterns in your data, easily manipulate text, and create formulas that are even more flexible.
  • Reading Mode. Scroll through your spreadsheet, zoom in and out, and interact with it — without accidentally changing your data.
  • Shapes library. Choose from more than 700 Apple-designed shapes. Then change the color and size, add text, and even create and save your own shapes.
  • Smart Categories. Use Smart Categories to quickly organize and summarize tables, and gain new insights. Group your data based on unique values and date ranges, including day of week, day, week, month, quarter, and year. You can instantly show count, subtotal, average, maximum, and minimum values for columns in each group, and then create charts of your summarized data.
  • Trackpad support on iPad. Use Numbers with Magic Keyboard, Mouse, or Trackpad for a new way to work with your documents.
Apple Numbers for Mac Free Download

Apple Footer
  • Pages for iOS, Numbers for iOS, and Keynote for iOS are available on the App Store. iOS 13.1 or later required. Downloading apps requires an Apple ID.
  • Pages for iPadOS, Numbers for iPadOS, and Keynote for iPadOS are available on the App Store. iPadOS 13.1 or later required. Downloading apps requires an Apple ID.
  • Pages for Mac, Numbers for Mac, and Keynote for Mac are available on the Mac App Store. macOS Catalina or later required. Downloading apps requires an Apple ID.
  • Some features may require internet access; additional fees and terms may apply.
Apple Numbers for Mac Info:

Apple Numbers 10.3.9 Latest Download

Numbers for Mac is an all-inclusive application for macOS computer system. It gives you all the necessary tools needed to create professional spreadsheets and share them with friends and teammates.

To make it easier to create spreadsheets, the predesigned templates that come with the application are available for you to use. Use the templates to give an attractive design to your invoices, checklists, personal savings, personal finances, and so on.

The user-friendly interface allows you to insert tables, images, charts, and text boxes. Once they’re created, you can put them in any spot of the free-form canvas. The clear and concise toolbar lets you immediately access your sharing options, charts, tables, media content, and shapes.  

Apple Numbers offers immediate suggestions right after you begin typing in a formula. The application offers more than 250 functions. You can locate and execute the necessary sample formula with the integrated function browser.
Apple Numbers for Mac Free Download

The conditional highlighting tool allows extensive tables to be filtered and cells to be formatted automatically based on duration, number, date, and text. In addition, you get real-time results for your cell format, formula results, and error checking.

Additionally, Numbers for macOS offers MathType integration so that you can insert equations effortlessly and add functions to the Quick Calculations feature. This will give you quicker results.

Apple Numbers for Mac Free Download:
Latest Version:Apple Numbers 10.3.9 LATEST
Requirements:macOS 10.15 Catalina or later
Author / Product:Apple Inc. / Apple Numbers for Mac
Features are subject to change. iWork for iCloud is currently available worldwide in Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, and U.S. English and requires an iCloud account and an internet connection. iWork for iCloud works with a Mac or PC using Safari 9.1.3 or later, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge (PC only).

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