TaxAct Calculator 2018

TaxAct Calculator 2018

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TaxAct Calculator 2018
TaxAct professional edition is well suited for small to mid-sized companies and tax preparers that deal with a high range of 1040 paperwork. Previously geared toward people, TaxAct expert now gives a ramification of alternatives for each 1040 and business shape instruction and filing. TaxAct is likewise to be had for people seeking to put together their own taxes. TaxAct Calculator 2018

TaxAct professional may be installed on computer or workstation computer systems, as well as on a network, in which the product can be shared. Customers can also prefer to installation the product as an online network, even though the online choice is most effective to be had within the organization versions of the TaxAct expert. Those the use of TaxAct expert in previous years can import records from the preceding yr or import records from every other tax compliance utility.

Once the TaxAct expert is hooked up, the Setup Wizard guides customers via the complete process of getting into exercise, preparer, purchaser, and security records in addition to fashionable preferences. For those installing TaxAct professionals on a local network, colleagues will need to be invited to apply the utility with the intention to benefit get entry to it. Customers can get right of entry to any purchaser from the client supervisor menu and might select to print consumer organizers for brand spanking new customers with the patron organizer portfolio along with a cowl sheet, non-public records for each purchaser, as well as profits, deduction, and fee records. TaxAct professional also includes TaxTutor, which informs users about tax regulation modifications, and the product gives a What-If scenario for making ready various tax alternatives for customers.

TaxAct Calculator 2018

For corporations that only document 1040 paperwork, either the 1040 bundle or the 1040 business enterprise package deal are suitable alternatives, which consist of each federal and country 1040 submitting, even as those who system business bureaucracy will want to look at the opposite bundles, which document 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, and 990 federal paperwork, and 1041, 1065, 1120, and 1120S state filing for all states.

All TaxAct Bundles consist of limitless e-submitting capability, with all four bundles supplying unlimited 1040 e-filing capability, at the same time as the whole bundle and the complete enterprise package deal offering both limitless 1040 e-filing and unlimited enterprise shape e-filing functionality.

TaxAct expert integrates with the non-compulsory customer Xchange portal, which allows corporations and customers to alternate files via the portal from any tool. The consumer Xchange supports an infinite variety of clients and files and effortlessly handles a diffusion of file types along with Microsoft Excel, phrase, and CSV files, PDFs, and receipt photographs. Users certainly invite their clients to join the application, with the capability to percentage documents once the patron is registered.

TaxAct Calculator 2018

The expert employer variations of TaxAct professional encompass a report manager characteristic that permits users to shop the whole lot from tax forms and their helping monetary documents, to notes and different client correspondence. All documents are securely encrypted, and customers can without problems access any document thru the document manager characteristic. Non-obligatory cloud storage is also to be had, so firms can securely shop all firm statistics on the cloud, with easy get right of entry to from everywhere with a web connection.

Accounting companies can now partner with ProAdvance from TaxAct, which gives get admission to a spread of 0.33-birthday party business resources designed specifically for the expert accounting workplace. Those sources encompass fee reputation solutions, financial and wealth control offerings, audit and identity theft assistance, client payroll alternatives, exercise control capability, and small enterprise lending alternatives. TaxAct professional also offers a strengthen refund choice for company clients, with underwriting supplied through Republic's financial institution and trust. Presently, TaxAct professional does no longer provide integration with any tax research packages. TaxAct Calculator 2018

TaxAct expert offers solid machine help, with users able to get entry to the help web page from everywhere in the utility. Assist options to encompass a Getting started characteristic, a Setup guide, and get entry to to all help topics. The assist characteristic is completely searchable, so customers can simply enter a search time period or word to get entry to assist for that unique topic. Each product and tax aid alternatives are available thru cellphone or email, with prolonged help to be had all through tax season. All product support is covered inside the price of the software program.

TaxAct Calculator

  • The Tax Calculator* provides the ability to perform What-If scenarios in your current year's TaxAct® return for the current or future years. You can project your earnings and expenses into the following years and then make estimated changes to the information to determine your tax liability for the current or upcoming years based on those changes.

To enter information and/or print the Federal Tax Calculator in your TaxAct return:

Online Navigation Instructions:
  1. Log into your TaxAct Online return 
  2. Click Next Year. On smaller devices, click the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner, then select Next Year
  3. Click Continue or No until you reach the screen titled Tax Calculator
  4. Click the button Tax Calculator to enter the information and/or print the report.
Desktop Navigation Instructions:
  • Another option for estimating the current year return would be to utilize the Tax Calculator on the TaxAct website. From the TaxAct website, click Tax Info in the top center of the screen. On the website Tax Information for When You Need It Most, click the link Tax Tools & Calculators. From there click the link Tax Calculator and proceed through the screens to enter the information. On the final screen, titled Your 2018 Tax Calculation, you will be able to view a summary of the results based on your entries. From there you can also click the green link titled Start your return for Free! to start a return using the TaxAct program.

TaxAct 2018 Terms

Tax Reform
  • Officially known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the 2018 tax reform included many adjustments to tax law and how taxpayers are affected. Find up-to-date information on tax reform and answers to commonly asked questions here.
  • The purpose of tax deductions is to decrease your taxable income, which then decreases the amount of taxes you need to pay to the federal government. To help you reduce your taxable income, we aggregated a huge list of deductions many people often overlook or aren’t sure how to use them to their advantage.
Adjustable Gross Income (AGI)  
  • For tax purposes, your adjusted gross income or AGI is essentially your total or gross income minus eligible deductions. You can use our AGI calculator to estimate your adjusted gross income using the most common income and deductions for US taxpayers.
Tax Brackets  
  • Your tax bracket shows you the tax rate that you will pay for each portion of your income. For example, if you are a single person, the lowest possible tax rate of 10 percent is applied to the first $9,525 of your income in 2018. The next portion of your income is taxed at the next tax bracket of 12 percent. That continues for each tax bracket up to the top of your taxable income. Find yours with our helpful tax bracket calculator.
Taxable Income  
  • Most income is taxable, whether you earn it or are paid as a return on your investment. Also, you generally have to pay tax on income when you sell something for more than your basis (usually the amount you paid for something). If a type of income is taxable, it doesn't matter if you receive payment in cash, by check or electronic payment, or in the form of goods or services. You still pay tax on it.
  • Certain types of income are excluded from tax. This generally includes income you or someone else has already paid tax on, or income from special situations, such as combat pay.
Filing Status  
  • Your tax filing status makes a big difference in your tax return when you file. Many people simply choose the status they believe best fits their personal situation, but in some cases, you may have more than one option. At that point, it’s up to you to pick the status that offers you the most tax advantages. Filing status options are:
  1. Head of Household
  2. Married Filing Jointly
  3. Married Filing Separately
  4. Single
  5. Qualified Widow or Widower
Learn everything you need to know about how filing status impacts your tax return and refund here.

TaxAct Calculator 2018

Tax Credits  
  • Credits differ from deductions and exemptions because credits reduce your tax bill directly. After calculating your total taxes, you can subtract any credits for which you qualify. Some credits address social concerns for taxpayers, like The Child Tax Credit, and others can influence behavior, like education credits that help with the costs of continuing your education.
  • There are numerous credits available for a wide range of causes, and all reduce your tax liability dollar for dollar. That means a $1,000 tax credit reduces your tax bill by $1,000. Reviewing all the options may be time-consuming, but could also prove to be profitable.
Some major tax credits are:
  1. Foreign tax credit
  2. Credit for child and dependent care expenses
  3. Education credits
  4. Retirement savings contribution credit (Saver's Credit)
  5. Child tax credit
  6. Residential energy credits

TaxAct 2018 Commercial "Accuracy Guarantee"
  • Exemptions are portions of your personal or family income that are ‘exempt’ from taxation. The Internal Revenue Code allows taxpayers to claim exemptions that reduce their taxable income. Both personal and dependent exemptions lower the amount of your taxable income. That ultimately reduces the amount of total tax you owe for the year.
  • For tax purposes, all dependents receive exemptions, including you and your spouse. To the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), these are the people for whom you are financially responsible. A higher number of exemptions reduces your taxable income. In most cases, dependents must be:
  1. A family member or qualified relative
  2. Age 18 or below (except for full-time college students under age 24)
  3. It cannot provide over half of their economic support.
You can reduce your taxable income by multiplying the dollar value of a personal exemption, which is a predetermined amount, by the number of your dependents. For example, in 2017, the personal exemption is $4,050. It’s the same amount for your spouse and each dependent as well. These exemptions are reduced if your adjusted gross income (AGI) exceeds $261,500 as a single filer or 313,800 if you’re married and file a joint return. Example: Josh and Kristen are married with a combined income of $90,000. They have three children whom they claim as dependents. That means they can claim five exemptions of $4,050 each. That reduces their taxable income by $20,250.

You can download tax forms from many places, including the IRS website. Many of those sites don’t help you fill out the forms, however. They also don’t offer a maximum refund guarantee, which is available through TaxAct.

Below is a list of the most common IRS tax forms you may need to file your taxes:

TaxAct Calculator 2018

Taxact Federal Tax Forms

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