Hide.me VPN for Mac

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Hide.me VPN for Mac

Hide.me VPN for Mac

Hide.me VPN for Mac

Hide.me VPN for Mac Features:

hide.me VPN for macOS. Regain control over your privacy on your Mac
Unmatched VPN Features for macOS
Download our macOS VPN app in less than a minute and experience the internet as it is meant to be. Our app has incredible features to keep you away from cyber hassles.

The Fastest VPN Servers
hide.me VPN is the world’s fastest VPN provider. With our Android app, you can expect blazing-fast speeds with any server location you choose.

Auto-Server Selection
Don't need to waste your time testing the fastest available server, our Auto-Server Selection feature will automatically connect you to the fastest available server.

You don't have to connect the software again and again if the connection drops. Enable our 'Auto Reconnect' option and app will automatically reconnect itself if your internet connection is interrupted.

Connect on Startup
The app will automatically launch every time you login to your device if you enable the 'Auto Connect on Startup' option.

Kill Switch
To ensure complete protection, we added the 'Kill Switch' feature in our Mac VPN App that disconnects all your internet activities if the VPN connection drops.

IP Leak Protection
To avoid IP leak, we have designed our Mac VPN App in such a way that your internet connection will never be diverted to a third party gateway.

DNS Leak Protection
If you want to avoid any vulnerabilities due to DNS leak, then hide.me macOS app is the best choice for you as it comes with default 'DNS Leak Protection' option.

Easy and Free Server Switching
There are no limitations on server switching. Be in UK and USA at the same time, switch between 90+ locations without paying extra charges.

No Registration – No Sign-Up Required
Use hide.me VPN in 3 easy steps!
Step 1. Download and install hide.me VPN for macOS.
Step 2. Connect to any server that allows access to your favorite sites.
Step 3. Congratulations, you can now browse freely & securely!

Servers Around The World
Choose from over 90 locations and 2600 servers throughout Asia, Europe and The Americas. Thanks to our highly optimized network, you will always connect to the fastest VPN server available. Enjoy an uninterrupted download and streaming experience.

Hide.me VPN for Mac Info:

Why use a VPN?
What to do in times when the cyber world is dominated by instances of snooping and mass data collection? When your data is on sale? In scenarios like that, only a VPN can help you improve your online security and privacy.

Replace Your Original IP With A Hidden One
When VPN was first designed, the sole purpose of the invention was to create a tunnel between distant computers for remote access. And, it was successfully achieved. But later on, VPN was more commonly used to switch between different locations IPs. Till to date, the sole purpose of a VPN is protecting the original IP of its user by simply hiding it with one of its own servers.

In simple words, when we connect to a VPN, our original IP (assigned by the Internet Service Provider) is replaced by one of the VPN servers’ IP. For example, if your ISP assigned you an IP of London (as you are in London) and when you connect to a USA server via VPN your IP will change to 2.354.452.2. This way your original IP will remain hidden and your ISP can't see any of your online activities.

What Features are included in all plans?
2600 Worldwide Servers
IP Leak Protection
Split Tunneling
Strong AES-256 encryption
Strictly No Logs
Apps for all devices
Best Privacy Protection
Secure VPN protocols
Highest possible speeds
24/7 Customer Support
Unlimited server switching
Automatic Kill Switch

How Can Hide.me VPN Help You?

High level Security
It safeguards your Web association by encoding your information so you can securely ride the web whether you are at home, work or out in the open.

Outright Security
Surf the web secretly while keeping your genuine IP stowed away. Keep your area mysterious and stop your network access supplier from keeping an eye on you.

Try not to bother control and access any site, application or channel securely. Advance around government or work environment impediments and partake in the web with freedom.

Hide.me VPN for Mac

Hide.me VPN for Mac Information:

Does hide.me VPN support all macOS versions?
hide.me VPN works on macOS either via our VPN client (10.12+) or via built-in or third-party VPN clients.
If you're using an older OS X version, you will need to configure the built-in or use the OpenVPN client in order to connect to hide.me VPN.

Does hide.me VPN for macOS support split tunneling?
Yes hide.me VPN for macOS supports split tunneling. You can configure it in the client's settings.

Will hide.me VPN connection break when my computer goes to sleep?
Apple insists on disabling all network devices when the computer goes to sleep. But hide.me VPN will automatically reconnect when your device wakes up again!

Does hide.me VPN also work on iOS devices?
Yes. hide.me VPN also works on iOS devices.
You can either download and use the hide.me VPN client application or you can follow our VPN setup tutorials in order to get connected.

How to use hide.me VPN on macOS?
The easiest way to use hide.me VPN on a Mac computer is to:
Download hide.me VPN client for macOS
Install hide.me VPN client for macOS
Login with your username and password
Press Enable VPN
If you're using an older OS X version, you can find the tutorials here.

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