ADVANCED Codecs for Windows PC

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ADVANCED Codecs for Windows

ADVANCED Codecs for Windows

ADVANCED Codecs for Windows

ADVANCED Codecs for Windows Features:

FREE, 64bit, Portable, self updating codecs.

Anything that the 'Movies & TV app' fails to play, will be able to play in WMP using my codecs.
All you need to do is check the box... [x] WMP suggested settings. This includes 4K video.
Check out the Windows MCI Video Player with automated codec selection. Its on the Misc TAB.

This release has an option to move the configuration settings to the Application folder.

The Save and Restore settings feature is automated and also controlled by the commandline.
To have your settings restored automatically during an upgrade, all you need to do is [Save ALL Settings]
The checkboxes involved are correctly set by default to allow automatic upgrade settings restoration.

Top features of the recent Settings Application rewrite:
1. Remove all unnecessary code associated with the deprecated codec removal
2. Re-organize the entire layout to be more intuitive, user friendly and visually appealing
3. Allow the user to click anywhere on the App to relocate the Settings Application on the screen
4. Add an Always On Top feature to keep the Settings Application in view
5. Activate the previous instance of the Settings Application when trying to open a new instance
6. Require Administrative privileges upon startup eliminating the need to rightclick
7. Current codec setup can be propagated to All user accounts with the click of a button.
8. Colorize and capitalize important functions to promote their significance
9. Automatically resize the App relative to the display resolution and use high quality text
10. A builtin, intelligent, Auto Update feature.
11. Intuitive command line features.
12. Add a Save | Restore settings feature to seamlessly return to a previous setup
All functions are performed instantaneously. The moment you select something, the action is performed.
If you ever find yourself broken, simply press the [RESET ALL] button to return to a just installed state.

ADVANCED Codecs for Windows Info:

High level Codecs for Windows 7/8/10/11 is a sound and video codec bundle. Both 32 and 64-bit forms included. The High level delivery contains a full set-up of codecs and the STANDARD Codecs just holds back the LAV channels and xy-VSFilter for captions.

Codecs have been an issue for most clients all at once or another. This is on the grounds that there has never been an 'out of the crate' working arrangement that the typical PC client could introduce and simply have everything work appropriately all along. There are a few fair codec bundle arrangements out there, yet not a solitary one of them did all that I needed. I was consistently needing a change, change, or even a re-establishment just to get the codecs I really wanted/needed and more often than not, the document actually didn't play as expected. This disappointment was an ideal reason for me to start making a codec load that works with ALL players.

The installer will consequently eliminate most other famous codec lets out of your PC prior to introducing this brief yet complete bundle.
Note: Introduce 7-Compress to unload .7z records.

Portable, self updating, codec solutions.
ADVANCED Codecs for Windows

ADVANCED Codecs for Windows Information:

Both ADVANCED and STANDARD have been deprecated @ ver 17.5 and replaced by the Shark007 Codecs
Download the Shark007 Codecs version 18.0.8:
You can click HERE to get the MPC-BE player
that is pre-configured to go with this release.

notable updates (current):
- update LAV filters
- update MediaInfo DLL v23.9
- update MPC-BE filters
. AutoUpdate will install version
- update VSFilter (DirectVobSub)
. AutoUpdate will install version
- update XySubFilter (ASS support)
- update Icaros 3.3.1 Final

- improve 4K HDR video playback.
This is a very useful tool: Download the Windows HDR Calibration app which fixes washed out colors.
The above requires Windows display setting set to use HDR and a monitor already in HDR display mode.

- Fully functional Save / Restore settings
- Remember monitor and screen positioning
- Auto Update all files directly from within the Application

To UPGRADE, overwrite the files with newly obtained files,
Or just use the AutoUpdate feature on the Help tab and everything gets updated automatically.
Using the Save | Restore settings feature on the Misc TAB,
you can save a current configuration and have it automatically restored, silently, if prefered.
ADVANCED Codecs for Windows Download

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