HP QuickDrop App for iOS Download

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HP QuickDrop App for iOS Download

HP QuickDrop App for iOS Download

HP QuickDrop App for iOS Features:

NOT compatible with HP Orbit. Requires HP QuickDrop PC companion app installed on a HP PC (available on the Microsoft Store). Please make sure you have the NEW HP QuickDrop application downloaded on your HP PC. The old HP Orbit application on your HP PC will not pair with HP QuickDrop.


1. Download this app for your mobile device

2. Download & install or open the HP QuickDrop application on your HP PC (available on the Microsoft Store).

3. Please ensure you are using HP QuickDrop on your PC and not HP Orbit

4. Launch HP QuickDrop and follow the pairing directions on your mobile device

Quickly and securely transfer photos, videos, music files, documents, URLs, and more between your HP PC and iPhone or iPad with the push of a button. Forget the hassle of emailing photos, compressing videos, or waiting around for your cloud files to update. HP QuickDrop transfers media and text in a flash, giving you more time to focus on what matters. No need for cables or Bluetooth, you can transfer files between your devices no matter the distance. Pair multiple devices at once to share between all of your devices.


• Share across OS ecosystems (Windows and iOS)

• Send photos, videos, notes, files, PDFs, URLs, and more

• Easy, one-time pairing

• Pair multiple devices and switch between them easily

• Quick and secure transfers, even of large files

• Enter a message to share notes, URLs, or addresses to your device

• Share photos directly to QuickDrop or browse your files to send

• Quickly share to social media without leaving the app

HP QuickDrop App for iOS Download

HP QuickDrop App for iOS Download


• Not compatible with HP Orbit

• Requires a 2017 or newer HP PC

• Requires HP QuickDrop PC companion app installed

• Windows 10 Home edition, 19H1 or higher

• iOS 12.0 or higher

HP QuickDrop App for iOS Info:

HP PCs - Using the HP QuickDrop App to Connect Your PC and Mobile Devices
This document applies to HP PCs with HP QuickDrop installed.
HP QuickDrop is an app that connects your computer and mobile devices to wirelessly transfer documents, photos, websites, and more. Using HP QuickDrop, you can snap a photo on your phone and edit it on your computer, send an address from your computer to your tablet for directions on the go, and view the file someone texted you on your computer.
Getting started
To use HP QuickDrop, you need a Windows 10 computer with the preinstalled HP QuickDrop app. You also need either an Android device (phone or tablet) running Android 7 (Nougat) or higher, and/or an iOS device (phone or tablet) running iOS 12 or higher.
Download and install the Android or iOS app
Use the information in the following sections to download and install either the Android app or the iOS app.
Download the Android app
Download the iOS app

Pair your devices
Use the following information to pair your Android and/or iOS devices with the computer.
NOTE: Before attempting to pair your devices, make sure both the computer and the mobile device are connected to the same wireless network.
1.On your computer, search for and open HP QuickDrop. The welcome screen opens with a QR code.
2.On your mobile device, tap the HP QuickDrop icon to open the mobile app.
3.Follow the instructions in the mobile app to get started and grant permissions on your device, and then tap Scan QR Code.
4.Use your device camera to scan the QR code that displays on your computer screen.
5.After the device and computer are paired, use the HP QuickDrop app to send files, notes, websites, and other items between your device and computer.

HP QuickDrop App for iOS Download

HP QuickDrop App for iOS Information:
Seller HP Inc.
Size 65.2 MB
Category Utilities 
iPhone, Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
iPad, Requires iPadOS 12.0 or later.
iPod touch, Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese
Age Rating 4+ 
Copyright © 2020 HP Development Company, L.P.
Price Free

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