McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac) Review

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McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac) Review

McAfee AntiVirus Plus suits suspicious documents in opposition to acknowledged Mac malware. Scans take place passively and on demand, and the consumer can agenda scans earlier. This software program also uses heuristic-based analysis, that means it monitors the device for behavioral styles that malware typically famous to discover and thwart new malware that hasn't been diagnosed yet.

Antivirus detection. Neither AV-check in Germany, nor AV-Comparatives in Austria, the unbiased antivirus-checking out labs whose effects we commonly rely upon, examined McAfee's merchandise within the labs' maximum latest surveys of Mac antivirus software program. McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac) Review

The most effective time either lab tested McAfee's malware-spotting abilities in Macs in the beyond  years changed into in November 2017, when McAfee scored 99.6% in AV-take a look at's evaluations. That is now not a horrible score, but the Mac malware engines of 5 different manufacturers we have lately reviewed — Avast, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Norton and Sophos — all scored one hundred% within the identical spherical of checks.

Avast free Mac protection, Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac and Kaspersky net security for Mac tied for 100% on the maximum latest (July 2019) AV-Comparatives check, whilst Avast, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Norton protection Deluxe for Mac all earned one hundred% marks on the maximum current (June 2019) AV-take a look at take a look at. Neither test analyzed Sophos or Malwarebytes for Mac.

Protection and privacy functions. In a paid option, McAfee AntiVirus Plus includes some extras for Mac users. Whilst macOS consists of a firewall to stop packages from connecting to volatile web sites, McAfee AntiVirus Plus also gives its very own for Macs.

McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac) Download

McAfee's internet-browser extensions, along with McAfee WebAdvisor (available without spending a dime on-line from McAfee and the Chrome and Firefox extension shops), provide you with a warning before you visit potentially malicious web pages. The extensions also experiment downloads for threats and flag risky search effects. Unfortunately, those gear do not support Safari.

Performance and device impact. McAfee AntiVirus Plus had a midsize effect on Mac device performance. We assessed this through running our custom Excel VLOOKUP benchmark check, which matches 60,000 names and addresses on a spreadsheet. Our check machine become a 2017 MacBook Air with a 1.Eight-GHz Intel middle i5 CPU and about 54GB of records saved on a 128GB SSD.

Once we hooked up McAfee AntiVirus Plus on our MacBook, the VLOOKUP take a look at finished in an average of 3 minutes and 35 seconds, 2 seconds extra than the identical device took earlier than the set up. That is a passive gadget hit of one%, which is at the low stop of the range we determined. With the aid of comparison, Sophos rated 5% (the high quit), and Bitdefender rated 0%(the bottom). You in all likelihood would not observe any of those slowdowns.

For the duration of a McAfee complete-system experiment, the VLOOKUP take a look at finished in five minutes and 15 seconds, signifying a overall performance dip of forty seven%. That's the largest performance slowdown all through a full scan that we noticed. Most of the applications got a two-digit overall performance slowdown — from Norton at 13% to Kaspersky at forty one% — and most effective Sophos (7%) had a one-digit bump. (McAfee AntiVirus Plus doesn't offer a short experiment for Macs.)

McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac) Download

On average, McAfee's complete scans took 1 hour and 17 minutes, so that you'd spend a while waiting to notice said slowdown. Nevertheless, this is much less than half of Sophos' complete-experiment crowning glory time of 2:fifty six, but a great deal longer than Malwarebytes' blink-and-you-leave out-it complete-scan time of sixteen seconds.

McAfee AntiVirus Plus makes you click around more than you ought to to perform simple responsibilities. Both its menu-bar icon and its domestic window display your gadget's reputation, but in case you want to start a experiment, you will want to click up to a few instances, that's three instances as many clicks as it need to take.

Seriously, the house window has a Run a test button, but clicking it would not begin an experiment, which makes me feel like it is classified incorrect. Alternatively, you're taken to any other window, which has  alternatives: complete scan and custom scan.

Clicking on Updates opens every other window, in which you need to click every other button (start) to test for malware-definition updates, adding some other layer of unnecessary interplay.

Returned inside the foremost window, the Mac security tab splits the window between a facet menu of statuses for real-time scanning, firewall, updates and scheduled scans, along side 3 bigger buttons to send you to the scan alternatives, record quarantine and device records. Yes, that Run a experiment button is back (which makes feel in a security segment), but it nonetheless sends you to the same window.

Then, you have got the identity tab, which feels sparse. On the left, you have a status button for McAfee WebAdvisor, which offers you controls for fending off unstable and unverified websites and blocking web sites in line with such nefarious classes as pornography and phishing (both blocked by way of default).

In the options window, you'll find toggles to disable scanning and updating and McAfee's firewall. You'll also see granular alternatives to adjust how the device scans files and offers permissions to applications. Here, you'll also discover McAfee Antivirus Plus' firewall controls.

McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac) Review

McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac) Features:
  • Award-winning Antivirus
  • Secure VPN
  • Performance Optimization
  • Home Network Security
  • Security Experts and Online Support
  • Password Manager
  • Safe Web Browsing
  • McAfee® Shredder™
  • Encrypted Storage
McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac) Info:
It’s more than just antivirus software—it’s peace of mind. Defend yourself and the entire family against the latest virus, malware, spyware and ransomware attacks while staying on top of your privacy and identity.
  • Antivirus purpose-built for Macs. While Mac-specific vulnerabilities and threats don’t make news headlines as often as other devices, they’re certainly not immune to attacks. Hackers view Mac OS as a unique challenge to overcome – that discovering and exploiting a vulnerability carries a higher level of prestige. That’s why it’s important to equip your Mac with antivirus that stays on top of emerging viruses and malware and why we remain dedicated to providing protection for Macs.
  • Flexible scanning on your terms. McAfee Total Protection provides three different ways to scan your Mac: real-time scanning, on-demand scanning and scheduled scanning. Our real-time scanning helps protect your Mac as you’re using it for in-the-moment protection. For a more comprehensive scan, you can simply choose to Run a Scan directly from the Console. And for week-by-week peace of mind, you can setup regular scans that run on the schedule you set.
  • Customizable firewall protection. While your Mac is generally safe from file-based threats, particularly when you’re using antivirus, you may still be susceptible to hackers that come in through your network and attempt to steal your personal info. Our robust customizable firewall protection helps put you in control of the data the comes in and more importantly, goes out through your network.
McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac) Review

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my Mac get viruses? Mac OS X is generally less susceptible to viruses than other mainstream operating systems, but it isn’t impervious, and when security threats and vulnerabilities do arise, they bring with them significant risk. Additionally, outside your Mac, the chaos of threats on the greater internet is still prevalent, so you should still be wary of unsecured Wi-Fi networks, phishing and identity theft. That’s why it’s important to equip yourself with a security solution like McAfee Total Protection that’s both made for your Mac and also has extensive capabilities beyond just antivirus protection. 
  • How can I keep my Mac safe? Start by downloading an antivirus program like McAfee Total Protection that has Mac-specific antivirus capabilities. Once installed, you will be able to scan your Mac for threats in a variety of ways, including on-demand, in real-time and via a schedule you set. Then, you can setup your firewall to ensure you stay in control of internet traffic coming into and going out from your Mac. And lastly, you can install McAfee® WebAdvisor for Mac to protect against web-based threats – you can even manage your web settings directly in your McAfee Console! Ready to get started? You can download McAfee Total Protection and try it out for 30 days free with no credit card required.  
  • How many devices can I use with McAfee Total Protection? McAfee Total Protection is available in three packages: for the individual, which covers one device; the multi-device package, which covers five devices; and the household package, which covers ten devices. McAfee software is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android devices. Feature compatibility varies by operating system.
  • Do I need to renew my McAfee subscription? When you are enrolled in auto-renew, 30 days before your subscription is scheduled to expire, the credit card on file for your account is automatically billed, and your subscription is extended for another year. If your auto-renewal has been disabled, you will receive a message 30 days before expiry to inform you that your license is about to expire. You can then choose to renew your license for another year or purchase an upgrade.
  • What devices and operating systems are compatible with McAfee Total Protection? McAfee Total Protection is compatible with laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices. You can find operating system compatibility on our System Requirements page. Feature compatibility varies by operating system.
McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac) Review

McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac) Link Download:
Operating System
MAC OS 10.12 to 10.15
Apple iOS 10 or later
Supported Email Programs for Anti-Spam
Internet Explorer 10.0 or later
Google Chrome
Safari (Mac and iOS OS Only)
Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)
Microsoft Edge

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